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Your Guide To Choosing An Early Upgrade Plan For The Samsung Galaxy S6

Your Guide To Choosing An Early Upgrade Plan For The Samsung Galaxy S6

So you want to get your hands on Samsung's newest flagship device, the Galaxy S6 smartphone? But you are already planning ahead to get the next flagship handset from the South Korean phone maker next year? You might do well to avail of an early upgrade plan. But which one to choose? Here is a quick guide.


AT&T Next


If you decide to get an AT&T Mobile Share plan with AT&T Next over 30 months, you will pay a bit less for your handset in each billing cycle. However, the $65 a month cost of the plan will have you paying a monthly sum that is more or less equal to what Sprint and Verizon Wireless are offering (scroll down below). You will enjoy a bigger 3 gigabyte data allowance though.


Sprint Easy Pay (With Upgrade)


You can actually choose among two options from Sprint -- you can go for a 2 gigabyte Family Share Pack (which has lower-priced monthly options, or you can pick the more pricey Unlimited Single Line plan. If you decide on unlimited data, you will be paying almost $100 a month. If you want to get a Sprint plan that meets your data-heavy requirements, then by all means merge the $60 Unlimited Single option with a Sprint leasing program instead of going for Sprint's early upgrade plan, which has the Galaxy S6 priced at $37 a month over 24 monthly payments, or a rather high $888 in total.


T-Mobile JUMP!


With T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan with 3 gigabytes of data, you pay only about $10 more a month compared to AT&T's Next 24 plan. The carrier's $38.33 monthly payment scheme includes a $10 JUMP! fee, which covers the insurance for your Galaxy S6 device. T-Mobile's offer gives you an additional gigabyte of data per month compared to Verizon's $75 plan, but you will also additionally pay about $13 a month. However, if you consider the extra benefits of a Simple Choice plan, like 2G worldwide data roaming as well as unlimited music streaming, then you may find this worthwhile.


Verizon Edge


If you choose a Single Line Smartphone Plan, Verizon's offer appears to be best of the bunch. If you combine the carrier's $75 2 gigabyte plan with Verizon Edge when upgrading early, you get to have a $15 a month plan discount (so basically you are just paying $60 a month), and pay $0 down for your new Galaxy S6 handset. When paired with Edge payments, Verizon's plan lets you upgrade any time after 30 days, as long as you have repaid 75 percent of the device. Moreover, you can merge Edge with a More Everything shareable data plan, provided that you pay an extra $5 a month for the same inclusions.


US Cellular


This regional carrier has an early upgrade option which lets you trade up after completing 12 months of payments. US Cellular is charging $34 a month over a 20 month repayment period, together with its $70 gigabyte Shared Connect plan. If you can do away with less data and grab more savings, you can also choose a $50 1 gigabyte plan and pay a total of $84 a month over a 20 month period.