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Mobile VoIP

There have been lots of recent developments in VoIP for mobile phone technology. When you get a VoIP system, particularly a business VoIP system, you will probably want to be able to integrate your cell phone with your other VoIP devices.

With new mobile VoIP apps, integration is easy and usually free. Today you can use VoIP on most smartphones and many mobile devices.

How Mobile VoIP Works

Mobile VoIP is made possible by SIP technology. With SIP, you can adapt multiple types of devices to work with a VoIP system. As of today, mobile VoIP is cheap and easy to find. Many VoIP services even include a mobile VoIP app so that you can easily use your VoIP service through your mobile device.

To use a mobile VoIP app, you download a softphone onto your mobile device. A softphone is software that works as a telephone. This softphone appears on your screen as a dial pad with a contact list.

When you use a mobile VoIP app, you are making a call over the Internet. This means that your call is not carried by your telephone service provider (this is any company like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) so you don’t spend any of your minutes.

There is one limitation of VoIP for cell phones: because of how VoIP works, all of the mobile VoIP apps require access to an Internet connection. This means that your phone needs to be able to access a WiFi network or act as a hotspot. Of course, to use your phone as a hotspot, you need to pay an extra fee to your service provider each month. You phone may be able to support a VoIP call over the 3G network, but sound quality and reception may be poor.

Benefits of a Mobile VoIP Service

If you choose to use mobile VoIP, you will have access to more VoIP features and more savings.

Many VoIP service providers include a mobile VoIP app in their business VoIP plans. When you take advantage of these included services, you can extend the minutes covered in your business VoIP plan to your cell phone.

You can also easily have calls routed from your office phone to your mobile phone so that you won’t miss any calls.

You can also use a mobile VoIP feature to access your VoIP cloud network. This means that you can hear your messages or make office calls from any location with Internet access.

Savings with Mobile VoIP

You could save a lot of money by choosing a VoIP landline service with a mobile app feature.

For example, if you are currently using Sprint’s Business Unlimited Plan, then you would be paying $99.99/month for a single business mobile phone line. With 8x8, Inc., a business VoIP service, you could use the Unlimited Extension Pro plan for $49.99/month for a single user. This plan covers an office phone, but includes the Virtual Office Mobile app that extends coverage to your cell phone as well.