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Compare auto insurance rates at MyRatePlan. Auto insurance lends itself nicely to online evaluation and purchase for several reasons:

  • You can fill out one secure auto insurance application at a comparison site, at your convenience, and get quotes from multiple providers. This saves you both time and money.
  • You can revisit your account at any time, without entering all your information again, to make sure you are still getting the lowest price coverage for your needs.
  • Auto insurance rates are regulated, so the quotes you receive online from a comparison site will be the same as if you called the company directly, or went to an offline agent.

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Auto Insurance Coverage Information

Most auto insurance policies are comprised of a variety of coverage, to protect the insured from damage to the car, occupants of the car, or uninsured motorists.

How to Save on Auto Insurance

Every insurance company looks at the same risks differently, which is why it is so important to compare policies from a number of companies so that you pay the least amount possible for the coverage you want.

However, there are a number of things you can do that may result in lower quotes across the board:

  • If you have more than one car, put them all on the same policy
  • If you own a home, have your homeowners and auto policies with the same insurance company
  • Take a defensive driving course
  • Install a car alarm or other theft-prevention devices
  • Increase your policy deductibles
  • Reduce your car's annual mileage and/or take public transportation to work
  • Have a clean driving record (recent incidents will impact your quotes more)
  • Indicate if your car has automatic seat belts, airbags and/or anti-lock brakes
  • Senior citizen discounts
  • Youthful driver discounts (may be available if a professional driver education course taken)
  • Eliminate collision coverage on older, less valuable cars
  • Review your auto insurance policy at least annually --- make sure you only have the coverage you need, and make sure there isn't a better rate out there --- the Internet makes it easy to switch

How To Compare Car Insurance Rates

Choosing car insurance isn't the easiest thing in the world. With all of the different options for your particular situation and budget, it can be hard to make a good choice. That's where MyRatePlan comes in.

You may be tempted to not have insurance but it is required by law. You are far better off having it because it can keep you from getting sued in the event of an accident and it helps protect you as well if you have full coverage. It is imperative that you explore all of your options before making a decision on buying auto insurance.

In making an important decision such as this it is critical to know what options you should be analyzing and how to make the best choice based on those different options. There is a ton of information here to help you in finding the best rates for car insurance. However, if you are in a hurry and would like to get started right away, then the only thing you need to do is go to the bottom of this page and enter your zip code. This will enable us to start finding the best car insurance deals for you in your state immediately!

The Main Reasons for Comparing Auto Insurance Policies

Plenty of people who may be buying car insurance for the first time make the mistake of thinking that all policies are created equal. Then they simply choose the one with the lowest price and think they have made the best decision. This is a huge mistake that needs to be avoided.

Don't get us wrong, the price is an important factor in getting the best deal. But if your policy is too cheap you may be missing out on vital areas that need protecting. When you do a comparison of car insurance rates from different top companies you will discover that each policy has different advantages and disadvantages. There are differences in the level of coverage, medical care provided in an accident, what situations are covered by the policy, discounts, etc. Take a minute to quickly check this out by putting your information at the bottom of the page and you will see that this is so.

In addition, if you want certain options in your policy but not others, choosing a policy that has the lowest price for the options you feel are most important is critical. Since the price can differ greatly based on many different options, this is a great time to enter your zip code for a free online car insurance quote and compare prices side by side.

If you are really smart and want to plan ahead before purchasing your next car, then you can see how much you will pay in insurance before you go to the expense of paying for the car. Different makes and models of cars have different insurance prices. You can get ahead of the game by knowing in advance what you are willing to pay before you ever step into a dealership just by entering your zip code for a free auto insurance quote.

(What was that? You say we are the most helpful car insurance site to decide on a policy? You shouldn't have!...) But seriously, we know you might get sick of hearing the same old advice that you should "compare free auto insurance quotes" or "do your due diligence online to make sure you are getting the best deal" and "just enter your zip code at the bottom to get started." But if just a few minutes of your time online ends up saving you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance, then I think we can both agree it was time well spent.

What Issues Are Most Important When Comparing Car Insurance

Some of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing car insurance coverage are your budget (how much you are able to spend), the amount of coverage you want (liability, comprehensive, full coverage) and which company you think is the most competent to help you. You may also want to review what customers have said about a company when they have actually needed to file a claim. The last thing you want is bad customer service if it comes time to use your policy. Also, remember to factor in your driving habits and the places you normally drive in. This would include if you drive in town or cross country or live in an area with bad roads that could put lots of wear and tear on your vehicle. Keep all of your options open in order to save the most money.

Your driving environment does play a major factor in your selection of coverage and the price insurance companies will quote to you. It makes a difference if you drive regularly on crowded interstates or use back roads, for example. If you are in a higher risk area for an accident, such as a major city, and you drive through regularly on your way to work, the company will factor that in. You should too. Consider getting more coverage if you drive through high-risk areas or drive faster than you should.

Your driving history, which you must report by law to all car insurance companies before they give you your policy, can affect they price you will pay for coverage. If you are a safe driver with few to no accidents or speeding tickets, then you can negotiate a lower price. Many insurance companies have safe driver bonus programs as well. Knowing your risk category to the company can help you decide how much coverage you need to purchase.

When it comes to evaluating your driving environment, more needs to be considered than just where you drive through. Factors such as whether you have a covered garage vs. street parking, parking in areas with high crime rates, or if you have a higher-value car that could be a target for theft all impact the risk the car insurance company takes in ensuring your vehicle. If you install tracking systems such as LoJack on your car this might mean you don't want insurance for theft. Also, if you install anti-theft systems on your car this will probably lead to a reduction in rates.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying car insurance is your budget. Knowing the most that you are able to spend on coverage is essential to getting the most for your money. There are companies that offer only liability coverage that might charge small monthly rates and there are companies with huge levels of coverage that are meant for the super-rich. Where you fall on this spectrum will be determined by your budget. Just be careful that you don't sell yourself short if money is tight because if the coverage isn't high enough when you go to use it, you may end up paying more out of pocket when you make a claim.

When you begin to compare prices from the different companies and policies side by side don't forget to take all discounts and incentives into consideration. You might think at first that a policy is too expensive but it may become affordable after the promotions and discounts are added in. Don't exclude a policy from consideration until you know the true bottom line price you will be paying.

Another factor to consider is the stability of the company that you want to purchase auto insurance from. Although insurance is something customers need to buy but never want to use, the reality is that most people will end up filing a claim at some point. When you do, you want to make sure that the company that you have been paying into this whole time is reputable and still in business with great agents ready to service your claim.

Dig deep in your research once you have found a company with the policy you want and see the way they treat their customers. If and when you file a claim do they have a history of treating their customers as numbers and expenses instead of people? Is this a company you would recommend to a friend or relative? Find out before you buy. If the answer is yes then you are on the right track.

Evaluating the Auto Insurance Data You've Collected

When you have crunched the numbers and decided how much coverage you want and how much you are willing to pay it's time to decide on which company you want to purchase from. A comparison tool is great for this and ours is one of the best in the business. Just plug in your zip code and a little basic information and you will have free access to information about top companies listed side by side.

Once you use the tool decide on what is most important to you. You can rank coverage options, stability, and price on a range from one to three. Then when the list of available car insurance companies that fit those criteria is displayed you can be confident that you are making the best choice and that all of your needs will be met.

Finally, care insurance rates are not static. They frequently change and are subject to different incentives and discounts at different times. So if you have found the company that you want to purchase from you can feel free to come back at any time and shop for your options once again. Most customers save lots of money simply by going back and checking the different rates of car insurance every six months to a year to see how prices have changed.

Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Side By Side

It is a fact that we all need auto insurance. If you have to buy something as important as this, doesn't it make sense to get it at the lowest price, with the best coverage options, and with a reliable company? It might be a bit of a hassle to shop for car insurance but if something is worth doing it is worth doing the right way. Take just a few moments and enter your zip code above to begin comparing car insurance quotes today! Jump to top