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Study shows C-band rollout helped Verizon the most

Opensignal recently published its latest study on how Verizon and AT&T’s C-band rollout has helped in the 5G space. And as it turns out, at least one of two networks have gained some momentum with this new technology. 

To be more specific, Verizon gained the most from the network rollout in January. According to Opensignal, Verizon’s average 5G speeds have increased 15Mbps compared to when C-band has not yet launched. 

Meanwhile, AT&T did not really see such a noticeable change. But this is largely because AT&T launched its C-band in “eight metro areas.” The mobile provider however promises to expand this throughout the year. 

Opensignal also shared that T-Mobile continues to dominate the 5G space, especially in mid-band 5G download speeds. The Un-carrier has an average speed of 225.5 Mbps, followed by Verizon at 211.8 Mbps and AT&T with 160 Mbps.

As Verizon continues to expand its network, it won’t take long before it can catch up with T-Mobile’s feat. 

You can read more about the report here.


Source: The Verge