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Cell Phone Plans with Unlimited Data

There's no better way to make sure you never go over your data limit than having a cell phone plan with unlimited data. The Internet these days is optimized for mobile, and with people constantly on the go, there's always a need for unlimited data with all the video and music streaming, social media, and email usage that people need on their phones. Although some carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans, there are still plenty that do. Compare unlimited data plans for cell phones and smartphones below using MyRatePlan's unique comparison tool.


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Cell Phone Plans with Unlimited Data

Even though all of the plans above offer unlimited data, not all of them offer unlimited full speed data. Make sure you check out the data column in the plan tool to see how much of the data offered by each plan is at full 3G/4G speeds, and at what point it may be throttled. Throttled data is when a carrier slows down the speed of your data connection after you reach a certain limit. When your data is throttled, your data is slowed down, but you still will not be charged any extra than your monthly fee.

Another thing to keep in mind is which plans offer data that can offer tethering - or using your phone as a mobile hotspot so that you can use its data connection to browse the Internet on your computer or tablet via WiFi. Use MyRatePlan's tool to find the best unlimited data cell phone plan for you.