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Business Cell Phone Plans

When you own a business, whether it’s home to dozens of employees or just your family, you find yourself up against a whole new set of challenges. Choosing a business cell phone plan that best matches your specific needs and goals is something that many people struggle with. To make it easier on you, we’ve put together a comparison engine that will compare business cell phone plans and help you choose the right one. Using our comparison tool is as easy as entering the number of phone lines you require along with the minutes, messages, and data that you need – we will then match this information with the plans provided by mobile carriers and give you the best results. Compare business cell phone plans below:

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What's the Best Business Cell Phone Carrier?

While some cell phone providers don’t do as much for businesses as others, there is no provider that is considered the best. Each provider and plan is different. The best business cell phone provider is the one that offers plans that meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for providers that are leaders in the industry, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are four carriers that offer great business cell phone plans. These popular providers offer plans such as unlimited talk and text for business employees along with a set amount of data. If you are struggle to choose the best cell phone provider for your business, feel free to use our comparison tool to determine which one is right for you!

Different Types of Business Cell Phone Plans

Communication plays a huge role in the success of a business. If your business depends on mobile devices to keep in touch with other team employees, handle customer relations, and access the internet, then it’s vital that you find the right business cell phone plans. Business cell phone plans can be divided into three different categories: Plans with shared data for smaller organizations, plans with individual data for each line, and medium- to large-sized plans.

How to Choose the Right Plan

Before you sign a contract for your company’s phone plan, make sure you have one that will meet all your organization’s needs. Consider how many employees will be included on the plan, what kind of services you need, and how your business may change before your mobile contract ends. Most phone services providers offer plans with minutes to talk, text messages, and data for internet use.

If you’re not totally sold on cell phone service and just want your employees to communicate from within your business location, you should check out our business VoIP provider comparison.

Popular Business Cell Phone Providers

Listed below are four of the biggest names in the cell phone service industry. Take a few minutes to read about them and understand what they offer businesses.


AT&T is known for being a leader in its industry and is a common name in households. One of the largest providers, AT&T reaches out to businesses with several specialized plans.


Verizon Wireless is a good choice for businesses of all sizes since they offer individual plans, family sharing plans that can be taken advantage of by small businesses, and business cell phone plans for larger organizations.


Sprint doesn’t leave employees behind with their selection of business plans. Sprint recently came forward with a new plans which cater specifically to small and growing businesses with fewer than ten employees.


Reaching out to employees and business owners who use the internet for a lot of their job, T-Mobile has business plans that offer unlimited data and many flexible options.