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Samsung Develops An Emoji Chat App Designed To Aid Users With Language Disorders

Much has been said about how emoji have appeared to have invaded our world (or the fact that mobile users still can’t get enough of them). Indeed, the use of emoji is so common now that it would be difficult for anyone to read a message or chat conversation that does not contain any emoji.

Study: Kids Also Worry That Their Parents Are Spending Too Much Time On The Internet

It is almost a universal truth that parents nowadays worry about their kids spending too much connected to the Internet. Well, it turns out, the inverse may also be true -- children are also expressing some concern especially if they feel their mom and dad is too engaged with the information superhighway.


Google Play Music To Become Default Music Player On New Samsung Galaxy Devices

Two of the biggest names in tech today -- Google and Samsung -- have decided to join forces in order to make Google Play Music the default music player and music service on new smartphones and tablet devices made by the South Korean mobile manufacturer, starting with its latest flagship offerings, the Galaxy S8 and

iPhones Beginning To Get Some Love From Professional Photographers

Cameras on smartphone devices are so good nowadays that consumers now basically use them as their default tool for capturing images wherever they go. But are smartphone cameras already good enough to start being used by professional photographers?

Here Comes Cabana: A New App From Tumblr

Tumblr is introducing a brand new mobile app called Cabana, which gives its users the ability to facilitate a video chat with their friends and even view videos together in real time. As a product bearing the Tumblr brand name, the app is expected to appeal most to the same demographic (i.e. teenagers and young adults) that frequently make full use of Tumblr’s blogging service.

Introducing Collections: Allowing Instagram Users To Organize Bookmarks Into Private Groupings

Instagram has just recently revealed that it is debuting a new “collections” feature to its bookmarking tool. What this new functionality basically does is let Instagram users organize the posts they have bookmarked into private collections, which can be accessed more easily and quickly.

Google’s Family Link Is Now On iOS

Here is some good news for parents using Apple made mobile devices -- Family Link, the parental control software that Google had first introduced nearly a month ago, is now made available on the iOS mobile operating system.

Study: Too Much Touchscreen Time May Mean Lesser Sleep For Very Young Kids

It is fair to say that the kids born during the last few years may likely the first ever generation that will grow up surrounded by mobile devices with touchscreens. Apparently, scientists have already started studying how today’s smartphones and tablet devices can have an impact on very young children. And so far, the resulting findings are far from being encouraging.


Alabama Conducts Trials On Tax Filing By Way Of Selfies

Yup, you read that headline right. The department of revenue in the state of Alabama is actually exploring the idea of having its residents take full advantage of an electronic ID (eID) system that allows them to send their taxes by digital means. In exchange for using the facial recognition mobile app in order to authenticate their identities, users who are willing to participate in the testing will get to enjoy priority processing and expedited returns. 


Facebook’s Messenger Now Has Support For Group Payments

About a couple of years ago, the world’s number one social media platform had began supporting a person to person payments feature on its Messenger. Fast forwarding to 2017, Facebook has officially revealed that it is expanding the feature in order to include support groups.