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New York Governor signs Right to Repair bill into law

Just before 2022 ends, New York is the first US state to pass the right to repair bill into law. 

NY Governor, Kathy Hochul, earlier signed into law the bill for tech products. Unfortunately, there were amendments made to its fine print. 

Mint Mobile is recent SIM swapping victim

Earlier this week, Mint Mobile customers turned to Reddit to share their frustrations on their security. Mint’s co-founder, Rizwan Kassim, has responded to the Reddit forum and acknowledged the recent security issues experienced by their customers. 

Verizon Wireless text outage affected “a ton of customers”

Verizon Wireless customers based in the east coast area were subject to some issues this morning. According to reports, these users encountered issues in sending and receiving text messages.

Self-Assembling Cellphones, Anyone?

MIT’s Self Assembly Lab has created a small chair that can assemble itself. Now the same lab crew has focused its attention on another common, everyday object -- the cellphone. Yup, the Self Assembly Lab is exploring the idea of a self assembling cellphone, more specifically, looking at ways in which a number of individual components can be placed in a spinning tumbler and form together to become a fully functioning cellphone. 


Congress Pressured To Enact GPS Tracking Reform After Supreme Court Refused Hearing Cell Phone Case

This week, United States senators and House representatives are pressuring Congress to move along with certain bills that would limit GPS tracking and smartphone surveillance after the Supreme Court opted to refuse hearing a cell phone case a few days ago.

Sprint Gets Caught Charging Extra for Having Bad Credit

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Sprint will be forced to pay nearly $3 million in penalties due to the company's mishandling of a program that charges a fee to customers with lower credit scores.


New Survey Sheds Light On What Constitutes Modern Smartphone Etiquette

Using your cell phone while walking along the sidewalk or while riding the train to work is generally considered acceptable, but what about inside the cinema while watching a movie, or while in church? A new survey by Pew Research Center aims to find out just what Americans of today consider appropriate when using cell phones, whether in public or social settings.


Verizon Now Letting Customers From Other Networks Bring Their Own Handset

Verizon Wireless is introducing a new policy that should entice more customers from other rival wireless carriers to shift to Verizon by virtue of being allowed to bring their own handsets to the Big Red.

Project Ara Smartphones: Not Sturdy Enough Just Yet

Google’s Project Ara aims to develop modular smartphones that can be assembled by mobile users themselves, using different parts from different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The idea is cool for sure, but there is one little problem -- because of their modular nature, they are prone to breaking apart when they are dropped, and apparently, Google’s team of technicians has not found a way to make Project Ara smartphones sturdy enough yet.


India: Now The World’s Fastest Growing Market For Smartphones?

Xiaomi recently revealed that it is opening up a smartphone factory in Andhra Pradesh in India. This latest move by the biggest smartphone maker in China only reinforces the idea that India is now the future battleground for the global smartphone wars. Several industry watchers are definitely starting to anoint India as the new fastest growing smartphone market after recent estimates show that China, the previous title holder, is now experiencing slowing sales.