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Cell Phone Plans

Why You Should Consider Consumer Cellular Service

You may have heard of Consumer Cellular. This is a wireless phone service that is designed for seniors. However, you should not let the term "senior" stop you from checking out the plans. You will likely find a plan that works for you regardless of your age.

Consumer Cellular relies on the T-Mobile and AT&T carriers to provide coverage. The plans are placed into two different groups. You can choose a Talk plan and Connect plan. Here are some of the pricing options that you have.

Tello Mobile: DIY affordable phone plans

Ever heard of a DIY phone plan?

For all DIY fans and money savvy people that like to have their own take on life, Tello Mobile makes it happen!

The wireless provider that runs on Sprint gives its customers the possibility to build their own plans, according to their needs and lifestyle.

Twigby’s Self Care: Making Mobile Plan Customization Easy For Customers


Most service providers would readily claim that all they want to do really is just cater to every mobile user’s wireless needs. But just about every other consumer out there often feels like he’s been tricked by their carrier into signing up for a plan with voice call, text messaging, and data megabyte inclusions he can never quite use up in any given month, but still end up paying for anyway after every billing cycle.

Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

This Halloween, Sprint has announced brand new wireless plans, and is even incorporating unlimited 2G data to its Family Share Packs. Beginning October 30th of this year, the wireless carrier is offering a new $20 plan dubbed the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan, wherein subscribers will get to enjoy 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data every month, including unlimited 2G data, plus the choice of buying more high speed data any time they like.


Nearly Half Of Smartphones Sold In America Linked To Installment Plans

Mobile users based in the United States appear to be warming up to installment plans for smartphones. At least according to the information collected by research firm Kantar WorldPanel ComTech. In three months spanned June, July, and August of this year, Kantar determined that 47 percent of all the smartphones sold in the US were linked to installment plans, as explained by Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at the firm.

Verizon’s New Smartphone Plans: What You Need To Know

If you do not already know, the biggest wireless carrier in the United States has decided to eliminate contracts for its wireless services. Instead, Verizon Wireless has chosen to offer only four basic new plans that its subscribers can choose from. These changes take effect today, and if you are curious about what they are about, let us run through the basics.


What are the four new plans and what do they offer? The four new plans are as follows:


Looking For Cheap BYOD Deals? Try These Phone Plans

If you are one of those who do not mind jumping from one carrier to another without having to get a new smartphone, then a bring your own device deal (BYOD deal) is definitely right up your alley. Wireless carriers all across the United States offer BYOD deals of every shape and size, but if you really want to enjoy some savings, you can do well to approach mobile virtual network operators (MVNOS), small companies that rent network space from major wireless carriers. Let us take a closer look at a few of them and the BYOD deals they offer.


Here Comes Jump On Demand: T-Mobile’s New Upgrade-3-Times-A-Year Program

T-Mobile just recently boosted its existing Jump! smartphone upgrade program by introducing a brand new version that lets customers upgrade to a new handset multiple times in a span of twelve months.


Your Guide To Understanding AT&T Next Early Upgrade Plans

Lots of wireless carriers are offering early upgrade plans nowadays. Basically, early upgrade plans offer a means for mobile users to upgrade to a newer smartphone model earlier than the usual two year time period set in most smartphone plans. Apart from Sprint, most carriers have their own set of early upgrade plans.


Your Guide To Choosing An Early Upgrade Plan For The Samsung Galaxy S6

So you want to get your hands on Samsung's newest flagship device, the Galaxy S6 smartphone? But you are already planning ahead to get the next flagship handset from the South Korean phone maker next year? You might do well to avail of an early upgrade plan. But which one to choose? Here is a quick guide.


AT&T Next