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Verizon Wireless experiences issues, plans to impose rate plan adjustment fee on legacy customers

Earlier this week, Verizon Wireless customers experienced issues porting out of the network and even making feature and plan changes. There were also some users who reported having problems activating their devices. 

AT&T and T-Mobile customers also reported getting stuck during Verizon’s migration process. And some customers lost service for simply browsing their upgrade options online. Because of the issues, Verizon advised its customers to avoid making such changes unless absolutely necessary. 

Thankfully, the issues seem to be fixed now. But as brought up by The T-Mo Report, the timing of the issue coincides with the day when Verizon announced it would be raising its prices on legacy customers. 

According to YouTube channel, Tech Life Channel, Verizon will be increasing older unlimited plans by $2 per month as a rate plan adjustment fee. The report says the plans that will be affected include the following:

  • Beyond Unlimited

  • Go Unlimited

  • Older Unlimited plan

As of this writing, affected customers have not yet been notified of this change but will soon be notified via email, mail and March bill notices. The new charge will be adjusted starting April. 


Source: The T-Mo Report, PhoneArena