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Apple’s First HomeKit-Enabled Devices To Arrive In June

Apple’s First HomeKit-Enabled Devices To Arrive In June

A year ago during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced HomeKit, a protocol for connecting Apple devices to various third party smart home gadgets and accessories. But since that time, the tech giant has been rather quiet in discussing any HomeKit related stuff.


But just very recently, Apple revealed that HomeKit-enabled devices will arrive in stores beginning in June. This means that in a few weeks, users will finally get to experience first hand what the company's home tech connectivity protocol is really all about.


There were some reports that surfaced in the last few days, suggesting that Apple's schedule for releasing HomeKit has been moved to fall of this year instead of within the summer. Apparently, the tech giant has been having a challenging time trying to stabilize specific components of the protocol, and is working hard to polish everything before releasing it. 


The company has never been one to provide definite time tables for most of its products, but in the case of HomeKit, Apple has decided this time to be more open about giving customers an idea of when they can expect to get it.


Timeframes notwithstanding, it is high time that Apple start talking about HomeKit. Its annual WWDC after all is happening next month (kicking off on June 8th), and this event would be a nice opportunity to unveil HomeKit to the rest of the world, as well as the specific devices that support the protocol and how it may function together with other yet-to-be-released Apple devices (like the next version of the Apple TV, for instance).


Also, Apple talking about HomeKit will only contribute in making more people become aware of the Internet of Things and anything that involves the interconnectedness of gadgets within a home setting. It should be noted that Apple is not the only tech giant dabbling in this type of technology -- Samsung is interested, too, and even acquired smart home hub platform SmartThings a year ago in order to boost its capabilities in this area.


Understandably, nobody knows much yet about HomeKit, except maybe for the basic idea that via HomeKit, devices at home will be able to easily and securely connect or pair with all sorts of Apple gadgets. Moreover, the devices will be controllable through Siri, which is interesting because it would mark the first time that the iPhone maker is providing more access to its virtual assistance creation to third parties.