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Avis and Continental Join Forces to Introduce Keyless Car Rentals

How do you modernize car rental services? For Avis Budget Group, Inc. and Continental, you do it by making the whole car rental process 100 percent keyless, and taking full advantage of perhaps the most ubiquitous electronic gadget existing today -- the smartphone.

Xiaomi Posts Most Improved Growth in Q3 2017

According to the latest report recently released by Gartner, the top five smartphone vendors across the globe during the third quarter of this year are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi, and except for Apple, all of them have registered double digit growth during the the three month span. Apple only recorded an increase in smartphone sales of 5.7 percent (more on Apple later).

Report: Pace of Phablet Growth to Hit 18.1 Percent by 2021

According to a recent report released by IDC, the pace of growth of phablets (smartphone devices with super size display screens) will reach 18.1 percent four years from now. Meanwhile, by that time, the growth rate of the total smartphone market is expected to be at 3 percent. Furthermore, at least half of the total volume of shipments of Apple’s iPhone devices will be of the phablet kind.

So What Are The Big Four Carriers Offering This Black Friday?

Black Friday mania might get exaggerated at times (and we get the feeling that sellers like it that way), but this annual event does serve up some really interesting and worthwhile deals, if one only knows where to look. With regards to that, we can offer some assistance through our official Black Friday smartphone sales guide.

FCC Okays New Rules for Combatting Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted its approval on a new set of regulations that should help in minimizing (or eliminating altogether) robocalls. According to the agency, it routinely gets more than 200,000 complains on a yearly basis regarding unwanted phone calls, which include those annoying robocalls.

Are We Getting Better At Dealing With Our Mobile Device Addiction?

Consulting firm Deloitte had recently conducted a survey on mobile users based in the United States, and just this week, it released the results of its 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey. The company’s data shows that close to half of Americans are making a deliberate effort to significantly minimize their mobile device usage.

Face ID Reportedly Got Hacked

We actually posed this question more than a couple of weeks ago, and now in light of some recent and very relevant news, we might have to ask it again -- is Face ID safe? Of course, the news being referred to is that of a Vietnam based security software firm that reportedly was able to hack the facial recognition system, and even posted a video demo on YouTube last Friday.

Chicago is Proposing A Fine Of Up To $500 For People Texting At Crosswalks

As reported by CBS Chicago, two council members in the city of Chicago, Anthony Beale and Edward Burke, are proposing a law that would impose a fine on mobile users who are caught text messaging while traversing crosswalks.

Apple Wanted to Assist the FBI in Accessing Texas Shooter’s iPhone

Apple had actually offered to aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with regards to accessing an iPhone unit used by Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley. The tech giant had apparently heard that the agency was having difficulties unlocking the device. During the recent weekend, Kelley had opened fire inside a Texas church, killing 26 people and injuring 20 others before taking his own life.

Report: Third Quarter Smartphone Shipments Reach 39.5 Million Units in the US

Strategy Analytics has recently released a new report that says that the volume of smartphone shipments in the United States mobile market has hit 39.5 million units during the third quarter of this year. That figure however represents a 2 percent decrease compared to that of Q3 2016 (40.1 million units).