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Report: Distracted driving laws have a positive impact in states that have them

EverQuote, the insurance provider behind the social safe driving mobile app EverDrive, has recently released its yearly EverDrive Safe Driving Report.

Owners of Pixel phones and select Nexus devices can now connect to Android Auto using Wi-Fi

Before, users had to utilize a USB connector in order to use Android Auto, the platform developed by Google to give car owners an easy to use Android powered interface that offers directions, entertainment (including the user’s favorite tracks), and even incoming mobile alerts. 


Should we be worried about the so-called smartphone blindness?

Not many people may realize this, but lifestyle or profession can have an impact on one’s eyes. A number of welding workers are known to suffer from arc eye, while those who are exposed to snow and ice regularly are prone to getting snowblind. Even folks who are overstudious tend to have myopia. Now, there is increasing discussion about whether or not today’s mobile users, especially those who own touch screen devices, are starting to suffer from blurred vision, or worse, smartphone blindness.

iPhone users suing Apple over Batterygate might merge lawsuits into one class action case

According to a report recently published by the Wall Street Journal, there are currently 59 different lawsuits filed against Apple after it had decided to update its iOS mobile operating system last year in order slow down the performance speed of older iPhone models.

DOJ report: FBI had sued Apple without exhausting all options for unlocking iPhone

According to a report released by the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), it turned out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had moved to have a court order Apple to unlock a certain iPhone unit owned by a terrorist being investigated for the 2015 San Bernardino attacks, before cons

Apple launches new Families page

The latest move from Apple should show that it is really serious with its intentions of helping protect kids against too much mobile device use. Just this week, the tech giant recently rolled out a new section on its official website, and it is called Families.

More and more phone makers are releasing super-durable smartphones

Sure, an army of pretty and shiny new toys were showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress, led by Samsung’s newest flagship devices (the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus), HMD Glo

Android Go phones: What you need to know

This year’s Mobile World Congress event had not only given us two new Galaxy devices (the impressive Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus models), but also showcased the first Android Oreo Go Edition smartphone devices in the face of the planet. This might be awesome news for hardcore Android fans, but for those casual consumers, some of them might be scratching their heads with regards to what Android Go is all about. This post should help.


The basics


So what happened at this year’s Mobile World Congress?

The short answer would be: a lot. But for the benefit of those who were not able to keep up with the tons of news and announcements that transpired during the last few days, here is what they need to know …

Galaxy S9 devices

A guide to optimizing your smartphone’s or smartwatch’s battery

Yup, unfortunately phone makers and gadget manufacturers of today still have not found a way to develop a battery that can last for a whole week (with regular usage). So it is often up to us, end users, to explore other ways in which we can optimize the battery life of our mobile devices and wearables, especially if we do not have a charger within reach (or a friend or colleague we can borrow from).