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Free Government Cell Phones

The economic recession the world has found itself in has put a strain on the wallets of millions of people across the United States. Due to economic strain, many people who need cell service can not afford to pay a monthly fee for a cell phone contract or a prepaid wireless plan. There are many reasons people may need cell service including job opportunities, medical emergencies, and family emergencies.

Fortunately, the government has enacted a program called the Lifeline Assistance Program which grants free government cell phones to those in need. These free government cell phones, somewhat incorrectly referred to as "Obama Phones", are already being used by millions of Americans across the country who cannot afford regular cell phone service. The LifeLine free government cell phones program was created over a decade ago by the US government, and is sustained by funds gathered through a Universal Service Fund that is charged to people who can afford regular cell phone contracts. Click here to apply now.

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What type of phone and cell service do you receive?

The free government cell phones that those in need will receive can be a fully functional smartphone in some cases. In addition, recipients of the Lifeline free government cell phones can receive up to 250 minutes of talk time per month for free. The providers of this free cell phone service include Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and ReachOut Wireless.

How do you qualify for a free government cell phone?

To qualify for a free government cell phone, you must already be a participant in another government aid program such as food stamps, Medicaid, public housing aid, or several other state and federal assistance programs. Another way to qualify is to prove that your household income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It's important to keep in mind that households are limited to one free Lifeline cell phone per household, and that you must live in the United States with a US mailing address.

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