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T-Mobile Plans and Cell Phones

MyRatePlan is the best place to find an extensive array of T-Mobile cell phones and plans. By using our tool, you can compare all the T-Mobile cell phones, from basic messaging phones to feature-rich smartphones. You’ll be able to compare dozens of phones from numerous brands, and match them with the right T-Mobile plan for you. Use MyRatePlan’s innovative comparison tool below to find the best T-Mobile deals on the market!


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T-Mobile is the fourth largest wireless provider in the United States. As one of the top wireless providers, T-Mobile is extremely dedicated to having great phones and plans, along with excellent customer service. T-Mobile was voted the highest in wireless customer care, according to a 2011 study by J.D. Power and Associates. So, with their strong focus on customers, you never have to worry about having a bad service experience! Plus, their assortment of plans and phones are affordable, making it easy for you to get the phone you want.

MyRatePlan offers an extensive variety of T-Mobile cell phones and plans. Whether you want a basic cell phone with text messaging or a feature rich smartphone, you’ll be sure to find something in MyRatePlan’s vast selection of T-Mobile phones. The T-Mobile's extensive lineup includes cell phones and smartphones from Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, and more, so you can choose the brand you want with all the apps and features you need! Shop MyRatePlan to find the best deals on a T-Mobile cell phone and plan.