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So What Are The Big Four Carriers Offering This Black Friday?

Black Friday mania might get exaggerated at times (and we get the feeling that sellers like it that way), but this annual event does serve up some really interesting and worthwhile deals, if one only knows where to look. With regards to that, we can offer some assistance through our official Black Friday smartphone sales guide.

Big Four Carriers Now Working to Restore Connectivity in Puerto Rico

In the last 24 hours or so, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approve several Special Temporary Authority (STA) applications from various mobile operators who want to immediately push through with efforts to restore wireless connection services in Puerto Rico. As of now, the country is still without much power or mobile connectivity about three weeks since Hurricane Maria had hit.

Report: Unlimited Data Users Have Fewer Network Issues Than Tiered Plan Subscribers

According to a report recently released by research firm JD Power, consumers who are subscribers of unlimited data plans are likely to report less network problems as compared to customers under tiered wireless plans. In its report, JD Power is showing that those unlimited data users encounter an average of 11 total network quality issues for every 100 connections.

Verizon’s Unlimited Plan Get Updated, With Videos Now Throttled

There was much rejoicing when Verizon Wireless had decided to resurrect its unlimited data plan back in February early this year. After all, subscribers of the plan get to enjoy unlimited data without any major caveats. But then again, the Big Red has now opted to introduce some changes to its offering (albeit quietly), and they may not be welcome news for mobile users.

Sprint Opens Twice The Price Store To Troll Verizon

Why open a store called Twice the Price? For Sprint, it serves as a rather weird (and even hilarious) way to tell people about how its rival’s pricing is off the charts (okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration). So which rival are we talking about here? It is none other than the biggest mobile operator in America itself -- Verizon Wireless.

Your Guide To The Big Four’s Pre-5G LTE Offerings

No matter how hard we wish it so, 5G is still not commercially available. But the good news is that the Big Four carriers in America (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) are also busy beginning to transition to this wireless technology over the course of the next couple of years.

Verizon’s Strategy In Acquiring Straight Path

Almost a week ago, Straight Path had announced that it had struck a merger deal with Verizon Wireless that will effectively have the biggest wireless carrier in the United States pay about $3.1 billion (by way of an all stock transaction) in order to acquire Straight Path. The Big Red was in a hotly contested bidding war with AT&T (the number two mobile operator in America) for the spectrum holder’s airwaves.

Here Comes Xfinity Mobile: Comcast’s Wireless Service


Getting one step closer to launching its own wireless service, Comcast has officially announced the existence of Xfinity Mobile, which basically offers unlimited data plans at $65 for each line of service. But bear in mind though that those users already subscribing to any one of the cable TV giant’s more pricey X1 packages will get to pay only $45 per line of service.

Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Data; T-Mobile Counters With Own Upgrade


FCC Stops Inquiries On Zero-Rated Data

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission had released a report on zero rated data services, stating that while these types of offerings are not necessarily in violation of net neutrality rules, the ones offered by the top two wireless carriers in America (namely, Verizon Wireless’ Go90 and