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Samsung Develops An Emoji Chat App Designed To Aid Users With Language Disorders

Much has been said about how emoji have appeared to have invaded our world (or the fact that mobile users still can’t get enough of them). Indeed, the use of emoji is so common now that it would be difficult for anyone to read a message or chat conversation that does not contain any emoji.

Google Play Music To Become Default Music Player On New Samsung Galaxy Devices

Two of the biggest names in tech today -- Google and Samsung -- have decided to join forces in order to make Google Play Music the default music player and music service on new smartphones and tablet devices made by the South Korean mobile manufacturer, starting with its latest flagship offerings, the Galaxy S8 and

Galaxy S8: First Device To Use Bluetooth 5

This week, the whole world got caught up in the excitement of Samsung’s unveiling of its two latest Galaxy devices -- the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Pl

The New Galaxy S8 Phablets And Everything Samsung Just Unveiled

During a very recent press event held in the Big Apple, Samsung took the opportunity to officially announce its highly awaited flagship devices. But that is not all, the South Korean tech giant also unveiled loads of other interesting stuff. Here is your guide to all the shiny new toys that the company has just introduced.


The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus


Can The Galaxy S8 Save Samsung, And The Smartphone Industry In General?

Samsung is set to formally introduce its latest Galaxy offering -- the Galaxy S8 -- this week, and like any smartphone release from the South Korean phone maker, this one is burdened with high expectations. 


The Upcoming Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Best Hope In Forgetting Last Year’s Disaster

Noted leaker Evan Blass has recently served a new leaked image of Samsung’s highly awaited flagship device for this year, the Galaxy S8, and it appears that it is the real deal. Phone makers would normally want to save every last detail before unveiling their best mobile products, but for Samsung, it probably would not mind the extra hype for its latest smartphone offering.


Fortune: Apple Is This Year’s Most Admired Company In The World

Fortune has recently published its latest list of the most admired companies across the globe, and like how it fared last year, Apple comfortably owns the number one spot. It is interesting to note that the last twelve months have not been smooth sailing for the tech giant.

Apple Vs. Samsung Case Heading Back To District Court

The highly publicized case between two of the biggest phone makers in the world (Apple and Samsung) is headed back to where it all began -- the district court of the city of San Jose in the state of California.

So Which Tablets Have The Most Impressive Display Screens?

Considering how much media mobile users consume nowadays, it is a sure bet that one of the biggest factors in choosing a tablet device to purchase is how good a Netflix show looks on screen. In other words, only those tablets with high quality displays will do. In this post, let us take a look at the tablets currently out in the market that can hold their own in terms of display screen quality.


Apple iPad Mini 4


US Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Samsung In Patent Dispute With Apple

The United States Supreme Court has decided in favor of Samsung in its highly publicized patent case against fierce rival Apple. With this ruling, the case has been sent back to a lower court in order to ascertain the amount of damages to be paid.