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Here Comes Linqapp: A Crowd-Sourced Language Translation App

Here Comes Linqapp: A Crowd-Sourced Language Translation App

Introducing Linqapp, a social translation mobile app that has the ability to connect translators and native speakers with users who are in need of quick translation services. And it is making its debut in Apple's iOS platform this week. It is also already available via the Google Play Store.


What Linqapp does is match users who need translation for a specific language with Linqapp users who are versed with that language and can provide quick and easy answers to translation inquiries. The mobile app basically sends a push notification to native speakers of a certain language whenever translation is required. Users can then expect an answer to whatever translation question they throw within three minutes, as claimed by the developers behind the app.


Translation services are quite common in the Internet, with Google Translate probably holding the distinction of being the most popular. But as native speakers of languages other than English might have noticed, Google's translation tool still needs some work, especially in terms of the exact context, structure, and choice of words. 


This is where Linqapp holds an advantage. Because inquiries are answered by native speakers themselves, users are more likely to have a more accurate translation, or at least, a much closer approximation of the real thing. 


Moreover, Linqapp is not limited to text only translations. As a matter of fact, the mobile app allows users to upload audio clips and even images, making it easier for a native speaker to translate, say, a recipe for an exotic dish, or even a restaurant's menu in a foreign country. Plus, Linqapp lets users receive multiple interpretations, which means you can get a second, or a third opinion when you want more options.


But perhaps the most profound attribute of Linqapp is its social approach to translation. Users can directly message other users, which can be very useful (and fun) when you are trying to find an online buddy you can practice speaking French with. 


The app also rewards contributors who provide accurate translations. Reliable translators earn points, and it shows on their profiles, letting other users now that they can be counted upon to give more dependable translations. 


Linqapp's most popular languages are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The mobile app sees a total number of 25,000 active users speaking 79 different types of native languages. 


There may be other translation tools and apps. There is Google Translate, Word Lens (also by Google), and Duolingo, to name just a few. But it appears that Linqapp has the most to offer.