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Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

This Halloween, Sprint has announced brand new wireless plans, and is even incorporating unlimited 2G data to its Family Share Packs. Beginning October 30th of this year, the wireless carrier is offering a new $20 plan dubbed the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan, wherein subscribers will get to enjoy 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data every month, including unlimited 2G data, plus the choice of buying more high speed data any time they like.


Although Sprint is promoting the new plan with a cost of $20 a month, subscribers will actually spend $20 for the high speed data gigabytes and unlimited slowed down data gigabytes, with unlimited voice calls and unlimited text messaging, however, costing an extra $20 a month. In  other words, for a total of $40 a month, the subscribers get 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data, and unlimited voice calls, text messaging and data, plus the wireless carrier’s Global Roaming for unlimited 2G data and text messaging in over 60 countries around the world.


Sprint is also introducing unlimited throttled data to its Family Share Pack plans, which means families or groups of mobile users will no longer have to worry about unexpected overage fees every billing cycle. Moreover, unlimited 2G data is offered for all lines of service on Family Share Packs, and similar to the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan mentioned above, subscribers can purchase additional high speed data gigabytes at any moment, with extra LTE data offered at $15 a gigabyte.


Also, Sprint is making changes to its $70 Unlimited High Speed data plan for individual lines of service -- subscribers will still get to enjoy unlimited voice calls, text messaging and unlimited high speed data, but the plan now comes with 3 gigabytes of mobile hotspot data every month. Compared to T-Mobile’s similar $80 Simple Choice plan with unlimited LTE data,  Sprint’s offer is about $10 less expensive.


Sprint’s offer does sound like a sweet deal, but numerous news sources and blogs are starting to attack the wireless carrier’s latest move. Their main issue with the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan is that only the first gigabyte of data is actually high speed data. Once subscribers go beyond 1 gigabyte, their data will be slowed down to 2G speeds, which basically limits their access to video streaming services and other web content that needs high speed data. Sure, customers still get unlimited data for $20 a month, but on 2G speeds, which to be honest about it, is kind of a step backwards in the age of 3G and 4G data usage. 


Subscribers who only consume less than 1 gigabyte a month can really take advantage of this deal. But for those looking to really exploit the unlimited data plan because they have larger data usage needs, what is the point of getting it when you can not really have unlimited high speed data beyond the first gigabyte? The bad thing about Sprint’s offer is that it shamelessly declares that it is the best “unlimited” deal out there, when it is not actually completely unlimited. Customers who do avail of these types of plans in order to fulfill their data needs may feel cheated and tricked. And Sprint does not seem to bat an eye at all. 


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