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Twigby’s Self Care: Making Mobile Plan Customization Easy For Customers


Most service providers would readily claim that all they want to do really is just cater to every mobile user’s wireless needs. But just about every other consumer out there often feels like he’s been tricked by their carrier into signing up for a plan with voice call, text messaging, and data megabyte inclusions he can never quite use up in any given month, but still end up paying for anyway after every billing cycle.

Thankfully, there are a number of mobile operators that actually give users free rein in being as flexible as they can be when it comes to their wireless plans. Twigby is definitely one of them. The SI Wireless-owned MVNO allows its customers to change and customize their plans as they see fit, according to their specific connectivity needs at anytime they feel like doing it. On top of that, Twigby’s customers can do the customizing through online means via the company’s Self Care portal or through its Self Care mobile app.

Tying consumers into a two year agreement used to be the norm in the wireless industry not too long ago, but forward looking providers like Twigby are showing that flexibility is now more important than ever for mobile users of today. By simply logging in to Self Care anytime, Twigby customers can adjust and upgrade their talk and text plans. The cool thing about all this customization is that customers can do it free of charge.

Twigby has extended this flexibility to its data plans. Determining one’s data usage can be tricky, especially for first-time smartphone owners. What works for them this month may not be enough for next month. But with Twigby, they can make the necessary adjustments along the way -- whenever they feel like their current allotment may not be enough, they can just customize it for immediately or for the next month, and keep doing so at least until they get a better idea of their consumption patterns. As for that last part, Twigby can help by letting people monitor the talk minutes or data megabytes they are consuming on a daily basis.

There are instances however when people do go beyond their expected data usage, regardless of how careful they are. Twigby is doing something about that, too. As a matter of fact, the carrier’s Self Care portal allow customers to adjust their connection speeds, either to 64 kbps, 128 kbps, 256 kbps, or 512 kbps. This feature can be deactivated anytime, but know that when it is off, the user’s device will consume data at the maximum connection speed possible. For people worried about overage, Twigby has got them through its Overage Protection feature (also free of charge). With Overage Protection ON, users can rest easy in knowing that they will never exceed the limits set. If you turn Overage Protection OFF, you are simply move to the next data tier.

For good measure, Twigby is also giving its customers the ability to make their phone a mobile hotspot, plus the freedom to deactivate voice calls, text messaging and data consumption (which should prove useful for parents who want to manage their kids’ smartphone use), and a safe and easy way to review one’s billing and purchase history. There are very few carriers that can compete with Twigby right now. All of the Twigby plans are very reasonably priced, and their average $16/month phone bill is a superb solution for most users.

Twigby is disrupting the landscape of cellular providers and doing consumers a huge favor in providing a robust self-care solution.

You can check out their affordable phones, plans, and details on the Twigby website. You can also compare Twigby plans at MyRatePlan.