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The People’s Operator Introduces New Infinity Unlimited Plan

Mobile virtual network operator The People’s Operator is debuting a new rate plan called Infinity, and it offers customers unlimited data for as low as $55 a month. Those who are interested must note a few things though. For one, the Infinity unlimited plan is only made available to customers who possess CDMA compatible mobile devices.

Unlimited Showdown: Sprint And T-Mobile Introduce Competing Unlimited Plans On The Same Day

Let the battle begin. Two major US wireless carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, have just introduced competing new unlimited data options for their respective customers, especially those who are okay with the idea of watching video content at lower quality. The good news is that the carriers’ new plans are cheaper than the usual $95 per month that each mobile operator charges for unlimited data.


AT&T Planning To Increase Price Of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Next Year

Are you currently subscribed to one of AT&T’s old unlimited data plans? You might want to reconsider continuing to avail of these plans beginning next year. That is because the second biggest wireless carrier in the United States is planning to increase the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan by February of 2016.


T-Mobile Subscribers Now Get Twice The Data At No Extra Charge

The third biggest wireless carrier in the United States just announced during its Uncarrier X event held in Los Angeles, California that it will be giving its customers twice the data at no additional fees whatsoever. This means that subscribers who availed of T-Mobile plans that previously offered 1 gigabyte, 3 gigabytes, or 5 gigabytes of high speed data, now get 2 gigabytes, 6 gigabytes, or 10 gigabytes of high speed data, respectively.

Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

This Halloween, Sprint has announced brand new wireless plans, and is even incorporating unlimited 2G data to its Family Share Packs. Beginning October 30th of this year, the wireless carrier is offering a new $20 plan dubbed the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan, wherein subscribers will get to enjoy 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data every month, including unlimited 2G data, plus the choice of buying more high speed data any time they like.


Boost Mobile’s Growing Data Plans: Giving More Data To Customers Who Pay On Time

Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary, Boost Mobile, has just debuted new data plans. And they are generating buzz lately because of their rather unique structure. Dubbed as “Growing Data” plans, Boost Mobile’s latest offering add 500 megabytes of data to the customer’s account each time he completed three on-time payments.


T-Mobile Announces Data Stash, A Rollover Program For Unused Data

T-Mobile recently introduced a new program called Data Stash. This program basically lets users roll over data that is unused every month, and then give them the option of using the unused data for up to one year if they go over their regular data plan in any given billing cycle.


AT&T Pulls The Plug On 15 GB For $100 Promo, But Customers Can Still Enjoy Savings

Roughly two weeks ago, AT&T announced a promo that offers its Mobile Share Value customers 15 gigabytes of shareable data for the price of 10 gigabytes, which was equal to paying only $100 for both the plan and its device access charges. 


Verizon Cancels LTE Throttling Plans

Verizon was supposed to implement its new 4G network optimization policy today. The policy would call for the possible throttling down of the speeds of the carrier's heaviest data users in order to make room on the LTE network for subscribers who pay for data by the gigabyte. 


T-Mobile Adds Free Unlimited International Data to Simple Choice Plan

T-Mobile is really stepping up their game to unseat rival carriers AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint by offering customers free unlimited data in over 100 countries worldwide, beginning October 31st. The free unlimited data will apply to customers of the Simple Choice and Simple Choice Family plans, and existing customers will also receive the new perk.