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T-Mobile Subscribers Now Get Twice The Data At No Extra Charge

T-Mobile Subscribers Now Get Twice The Data At No Extra Charge

The third biggest wireless carrier in the United States just announced during its Uncarrier X event held in Los Angeles, California that it will be giving its customers twice the data at no additional fees whatsoever. This means that subscribers who availed of T-Mobile plans that previously offered 1 gigabyte, 3 gigabytes, or 5 gigabytes of high speed data, now get 2 gigabytes, 6 gigabytes, or 10 gigabytes of high speed data, respectively. As for subscribers under unlimited data plans, they will now get to enjoy twice the amount of data they can consume (now at 14 gigabytes of data) by way of a tethering connection. On top of that, they also get to enjoy a free movie rental every month from Vudu next year. 


T-Mobile also launched Family Match, a new promo that lets all lines of a family plan get double data for the same price when all lines have the same amount of data. For example, customers start with one line at $50 a month, with 2 gigabytes of data. The second line is offered at $30 a month, with the same 2 gigabytes of data. Any extra lines of up to 12 are offered at $10 a month. Those who need extra data can just purchase 4 additional gigabytes at $15 per line, but with Family Match, customers can save up to $15 per line when every family member adds data. Not bad from T-Mobile, indeed.


This year, T-Mobile appears to be focusing on delivering more data to mobile users. And the timing of its latest move is definitely interesting -- more and more wireless carriers now are clamping down on usages as various service providers such as YouTube and Netflix consume more data than ever. Other major wireless carriers, like industry leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T, do not even offer unlimited data plans anymore, while Sprint (like T-Mobile) is also trying to slow down their respective heaviest data consumers. 


In every one of its Uncarrier events, T-Mobile always made sure to prepare a surprise for mobile users. Not only are these surprises designed to attract more new subscribers (and in the process, grab away some of its rivals’ customers), they also can sometimes shake up the entire wireless industry, offering something that has not been offered by any mobile network provider before. And T-Mobile is not just drawing consumer attention through price reduction tactics -- at times, the wireless carrier made some really bold moves. For instance, it eliminated wireless service contracts, offered free international text messaging and data, and even provided access to streaming music without it affecting the subscriber’s data plan. 


Are T-Mobile’s Uncarrier moves working? It appears to be so. Over the last few quarters, T-Mobile has consistently gained more new subscribers than its competitors. During the third quarter of this year for example, the wireless carrier managed to add 843,000 customers who pay at the end of every month, a number that is noticeably higher than all of its rivals combined.


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