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Report: AT&T facilities are used for NSA surveillance program

According to a report recently published by The Intercept, it appears that no less than eight facilities of major US wireless carrier AT&T are utilized for a surveillance program conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). These facilities are said to be linked to an NSA initiative called Fairview, which began more than three decades ago, it seems that AT&T is the only wireless service provider tied to this program.

Tips for achieving a smartphone detox this summer (or at least for a few days)

It is said that mobile technology has become ubiquitous -- maybe even too ubiquitous than we care to admit. Indeed, as we approach a new decade, it has become increasingly more difficult to grab a respite from all those text messages, social media updates, emails, and app alerts, even for just one day. No wonder some of us are already getting worried about falling into mobile addiction.

Instagram hits 1 billion users; launches new IGTV video uploading service

Instagram has recently revealed that it now has a billion active users on a monthly basis. About nine months ago, the social media platform had announced that it had reached 800 million monthly active users, improving upon the 500 million active user volume it had amassed every month as of June of 2016.

Facebook introduces game shows platform, with live interactive vids

Online game shows are all the rage these days (just ask HQ Trivia), so it is no surprise that just about everybody is trying to join in on the party. Facebook, however, sees things differently -- instead of launching its own game show, the biggest social media empire in the world has decided to debut its own game show platform. 

California Democrats combine two separate net neutrality bills

In the biggest state in America (in terms of population), Democrats are linking two separate bills on net neutrality, in order to pass what may consider to be the most rigid net neutrality regulations in the United States.

AT&T to launch $15 per month TV streaming service

After officially announcing that it has completed its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T has now revealed its plans of introducing a $15 per month sports-free TV streaming service that will focus on Time Warner’s Turner collection of channels, which include CNN, TBS, TNT (but with no basketball -- because the whole set up is sports-free), and even Cartoon Network. But there is no HBO though.’s streaming app is no more

Yup, has decided to shut down’s standalone mobile app in order to consolidate the service into the main app. As a live streaming app, managed to last for a couple of years, but soon enough, the brand will be removed from Google Play and from the App Store. 

UK boarding school confiscating students’ smartphones during bedtime

In this day and age, just about every person in the world checks their mobile device before going to sleep at night. In some economies where the average mobile user can afford to enjoy data, surfing the Internet or one’s social media feed is likely a guaranteed activity before rocking off to Neverland.

Your guide to watching the 2018 World Cup

Soccer (also known as football across the globe, except for America) is considered by many as the world’s most popular sport, and every four years, the beautiful game reaches fever pitch through the FIFA World Cup. For the 2018 edition of this glorious tournament, Russia will be playing host for a whole month, starting on June 14th until July 15th of this year. Okay, it is a major bummer that the United States did not qualify for this summer’s event, but that does not mean that people can’t enjoy watching the games. So here goes …

Cable and Satellite TV

FCC: Repeal of net neutrality rules takes effect June 11

Perhaps it really is time to bid farewell for good to the net neutrality regulations implemented back in 2015, under the administration of then President Barack Obama. But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has declared that the proposed repeal of those rules three years ago is taking effect today.