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Google: Page Loading Speeds to Become Factor in Mobile Search Rankings

Google has formally revealed through its official blog that starting in July of this year, it will be looking to start taking page loading speeds into account when ranking websites for its mobile search results. According to the search giant, when its Speed Update will go live in half a year’s time, websites with very slow loading speeds will likely be down-ranked.

Comcast’s Xfinity Web Service to Land in All Boost Mobile Outlets by Year’s End

Deep into the frantic holiday shopping season, Comcast is busying itself pushing its Xfinity Internet service via the stores of Boost Mobile (Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary). The cable giant is targeting to reach all 4,400 Boost Mobile outlets before the year is over.

Pandora Now Allows Listeners to Access On-Demand Music Without Paying

Just this week, Pandora has decided to launch a new option for its listeners, specifically allowing them to gain access to on-demand tracks without needing to sign up for a Premium subscription, that is, as long as they are okay with viewing a video ad before listening.

Riot Micro: Building a Cheaper, Low-Power Chip for IoT Networks

By combining Bluetooth technology and a crew of engineers that specialize in Wi-Fi, Riot Micro is setting out to build a more cost effective and lower power chip designed to be used in cellular Internet of Things (IoT) networks. As explained by Peter Wong, the chief executive officer of the company, the objective was to maintain costing and power levels the same as those of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and quite obviously, Riot Micro felt it had to shift from the regular method of producing LTE modems. 

By 2018, People Will Spend $110 Billion Buying from App Stores

According to App Annie’s latest projections, mobile users will spend more than $110 billion across all app stores next year. This figure is equal to a 30 percent rise as compared to 2017’s numbers, which is, needless to say, a significant jump in just one year’s time.

AT&T Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Announce the LTE-M Button

Joining forces with Amazon Web Services, the second biggest wireless carrier in America is officially unveiling a new LTE-M based button that is specifically built to allow consumers to request for Internet of Things (IoT) related services or tasks with just one click.

FCC Bares Proposal to Overhaul 2015 Net Neutrality Rules

Ajit Pai, the current chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is introducing a new proposal that would effectively erase the net neutrality rules implemented in 2015 by the FCC under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Altice Strikes MVNO Agreement with Sprint

Not long after it officially announced that it was stopping merger discussions with T-Mobile, Sprint is now revealing that it has forged a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement with Altice, the number four biggest cable service provider in the United States.

YouTube Kids Gets Updated With Expanded Controls and Personal Profiles

It was more than a couple of years ago when Google first introduced YouTube Kids, the kid friendly version of its YouTube app. Fast forwarding to 2017, the tech giant is introducing new upgrades to the service, including a tool for setting up personalized profiles for kids, and expanded controls for added security for both parents and their kids.

OneWeb: Using Satellites to Bring High-Speed Internet to Underserved Locations

During a hearing regarding the status and future of the commercial satellite industry, OneWeb testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology, along with other companies like Intelsat, SpaceX, and ViaSat. As revealed by Greg Wyler, the founder and executive chairman of OneWeb, the company is looking to fully pursue its plans of providing high speed Internet connectivity, not only to underserved markets but also to the most inaccessible places around the world, by taking full advantage of satellite technology.