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Twilio’s Programmable Wireless: An IoT service powered by T-Mobile

A few days ago, Twilio officially launched its Programmable Wireless service, a SIM based Internet of Things (IoT) offering powered by the wireless network of T-Mobile. Programmable Wireless is being positioned as a tool that developers can take full advantage of especially if they want to create services built around the concept of IoT. 

Study: Thousands of apps on Android are illegally tracking kids

According to the results of a study recently conducted by a research team from the International Computer Science Institute, it turns out that the majority of free mobile apps in the Android platform geared for kids are tracking data. And it appears that thousands of them are unlawfully doing so, specifically in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which explicitly prohibits data tracking on users who are not older than 13 years of age.

Comcast to offer cable service bundled with Netflix

Both Comcast and Netflix have jointly announced that the former will be looking to bundle the latter’s service into its cable subscription offerings.

Oregon passes legislation to restore 2015 net neutrality rules

Recently this week, Kate Brown, who currently sits as the governor of the state of Oregon, has signed a bill that would have every Internet service provider that has business dealings with the Beaver State to comply with the principles of net neutrality (as set by the Federal Communications Commission back in 2015).

Amazon adds remote access feature to FreeTime parental controls

This piece of news may be a welcome one for Amazon users who have kids -- the tech giant is rolling out a new update for its Parent Dashboard in Amazon FreeTime that should allow parents to better manage their kid’s mobile usage, remotely from their smartphone, tablet, or even personal computer.

Google and Kajeet team up to bring Wi-Fi to school buses

Kajeet has recently revealed that it has struck a partnership with Google in order to provide Wi-Fi connectivity in school buses. Google has an initiative called Rolling Study Halls, and the aim of this project is to equip school buses with Wi-Fi connections in a dozen states across America beginning this year.

Latest Wirefly carrier speed report: Industry leaders dominate

Wirefly has released its most recent Cell Phone Carrier Internet Speed Rankings for the final quarter of 2017 through the first three months of this year, and it appears that the two biggest mobile operators are not only leading the industry in terms of the size of their subscriber base, but also in terms of how fast their average overall web connection speeds are:

5G: Can it work in developing countries?

No doubt about it, a world with 5G would be wonderful -- super fast download and upload speeds, ultra reliable network connections, connected cars, smart homes and appliances, and basically the concept of the Internet of Things brought to life. Needless to say, everybody can not wait for the 5G era to begin.

Number of music streaming subscribers in America now equal Canada’s population

Okay, okay -- almost. According to information recently released by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the total number of paid subscriptions in the United States for on demand music streaming brands such as Spotify and Apple Music has increased 56 percent in 2017, now reaching a staggering 35.3 million people. That nearly equals the population of the whole country of Canada, which is at 36.29 million (as of 2016).

Ford planning to make all cars 4G-ready by decade’s end

In helping usher in the era of the Internet of Things, Ford is looking to introduce major changes to its current lineup of vehicles in order to make over the air (OTA) connected car updates and the concept of the Transportation Mobility Cloud possible. And the automotive giant is planning to get started on things by incorporating 4G LTE connectivity to all of its cars by the end of this decade.