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Tello Mobile: DIY affordable phone plans

Ever heard of a DIY phone plan?

For all DIY fans and money savvy people that like to have their own take on life, Tello Mobile makes it happen!

The wireless provider that runs on Sprint gives its customers the possibility to build their own plans, according to their needs and lifestyle.

Combining a one of a kind flexible approach with 5-star quality service makes Tello Mobile stand out easily among other MVNOs. The ability to choose your own plan as opposed to “this is what we want you to have” packages forced upon you by other carriers makes all the difference.

Lifehack: don’t pay for more than you use

In terms of lifehacks to have more bang for your buck when it comes to wireless service, Tello takes the “live frugally without even feeling it” to another level.

Let’s put it into numbers.

The average phone bill in US is around $80/month or more.

Knowing there are other more affordable options than the 4 big carriers, that’s a clear sign that most households are overpaying for wireless.

Tello phone plans range between $5/mo to $39/mo. You can have 1GB of data + unlimited talk & text at Tello Mobile is just $14/mo. No contract. No extra fees.

Their biggest plan has 10GB plus unlimited minutes and text for just $39/month, which is still lower than the average phone bill. This plan will answer to your every data & talk need.

Unlimited isn’t for everyone

Students, seniors, busy families and pretty much all budget-minded people need different solutions for their calling needs.

While unlimited is not for everybody, savings sure are!

Choose the amount of minutes & data you need, unlimited texts are included in every plan, free of charge. You can even choose a talk & text only plans suitable for preteens or people who don’t feel the need for data for just $7/mo.

The “no fees whatsoever” policy, outstanding 24/7 customer service & free calls to Canada, Mexico & China included in any plan make Tello plans even sweeter.

You can save hundreds more - on top of the hundreds you'll save on your cell phone plan - by going for a refurbished smartphone instead of making payments on a brand-new $1000 device. Tello has a great selection of both new and refurbished phone you can pick from. If you don't need a new device, bring your own to Tello and complete a 60 seconds sign-up process and start enjoying the savings!

Frugal, selectively frugal, penny pinchers or budget wise people all share a middle name: wise!

See how much your and family spends monthly on wireless service as opposed to what you’re actually using. Compare your current carrier and make better choices! Don’t break the bank for a new phone or settle for a 2 year contract.