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Tello Reduces its Prices, Adds Unlimited Texting to its Plans

Fresh from offering customers a free data special summer deal a little more than three months ago, Tello has now decided to drop its prices once again and even debut a new phone plan scheme.

Report: Unlimited Data Users Have Fewer Network Issues Than Tiered Plan Subscribers

According to a report recently released by research firm JD Power, consumers who are subscribers of unlimited data plans are likely to report less network problems as compared to customers under tiered wireless plans. In its report, JD Power is showing that those unlimited data users encounter an average of 11 total network quality issues for every 100 connections.

Verizon’s Unlimited Plan Get Updated, With Videos Now Throttled

There was much rejoicing when Verizon Wireless had decided to resurrect its unlimited data plan back in February early this year. After all, subscribers of the plan get to enjoy unlimited data without any major caveats. But then again, the Big Red has now opted to introduce some changes to its offering (albeit quietly), and they may not be welcome news for mobile users.

Introducing The Unlimited WiFi Plan: A Global WiFi Offering From US Mobile

US Mobile’s new Unlimited WiFi plan may well be considered the biggest of its kind in the world, in terms of providing WiFi coverage. For a price of just $10 a month, the offering gives mobile users access to more than 60 million hotspots in over 120 countries around the planet, as well as more than 35 million hotspots in the United States alone.

Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Data; T-Mobile Counters With Own Upgrade


Unlimited Data Users Get Thrown A Curveball With Verizon’s, AT&T’s Latest Moves

It is not easy being a subscriber of unlimited data plans, particularly those under Verizon Wireless’ or AT&T’s legacy plans.

The People’s Operator Introduces New Infinity Unlimited Plan

Mobile virtual network operator The People’s Operator is debuting a new rate plan called Infinity, and it offers customers unlimited data for as low as $55 a month. Those who are interested must note a few things though. For one, the Infinity unlimited plan is only made available to customers who possess CDMA compatible mobile devices.

Unlimited Showdown: Sprint And T-Mobile Introduce Competing Unlimited Plans On The Same Day

Let the battle begin. Two major US wireless carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, have just introduced competing new unlimited data options for their respective customers, especially those who are okay with the idea of watching video content at lower quality. The good news is that the carriers’ new plans are cheaper than the usual $95 per month that each mobile operator charges for unlimited data.


AT&T Planning To Increase Price Of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Next Year

Are you currently subscribed to one of AT&T’s old unlimited data plans? You might want to reconsider continuing to avail of these plans beginning next year. That is because the second biggest wireless carrier in the United States is planning to increase the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan by February of 2016.


Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

This Halloween, Sprint has announced brand new wireless plans, and is even incorporating unlimited 2G data to its Family Share Packs. Beginning October 30th of this year, the wireless carrier is offering a new $20 plan dubbed the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan, wherein subscribers will get to enjoy 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data every month, including unlimited 2G data, plus the choice of buying more high speed data any time they like.