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Google Play Music Expands Its Storage Limit To 50,000 Songs

Google Play Music Expands Its Storage Limit To 50,000 Songs

Google has announced that users can now upload 50,000 songs to their Google Play Music accounts at no charge. Previously, users can only upload up to 20,000 songs, but now, the tech giant has expanded Google Play Music's storage limit by more than twice that size.


This is good news, especially for those who still like to carry around their MP3 players along with their extensive catalog of songs. Now, you can just upload all of your favorite tunes, and listen to them anytime on your mobile device.


The storage limit expansion was announced by the company through a blog post. Google further explained that once users upload their songs, they can stream or download the tunes on their Android mobile devices as well as on non-Android devices like an iPhone, an iPad, a Chromebook, or from a computer through the browser. Those who own Chromebooks can also stream their songs through these devices.


To upload songs, users just need to visit the Google Play Music website and log in to their existing Google accounts. On the website, users will be guided through the process of installing the Chrome app, or using Music Manager to upload songs. From there, users can either upload their entire catalog of songs, or just select specific albums or individual songs. 


Compared to what Apple offers in its iTunes Match service, 50,000 songs is indeed a lot. With Apple's service, you can upload up to 25,000 songs, but you will need to pay $24.99 every year to get them. Moreover, you can only access those songs via iTunes or an Apple TV.


But with Google Play Music, users have some flexibility, especially with regards to its cross-platform capability. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Google has made its Play Music mobile app for iOS universal, which means it now sports a proper iPad interface. 


For those who subscriber to Play Music All Access, Google's music streaming service that costs $10 a month, they can also stream tracks from Google's music library, which as of now has about 30 million songs.


But nothing really beats listening to your own selection of songs. Paid music streaming services have extensive catalogs of music, but they may not have all the tracks you are looking for. For instance, most music streaming services do not carry music from the Beatles. Even pop star Taylor Swift has pulled off her songs from these music providers. But if a user has the music files of his favorite artist, he can just upload it to Google Play Music, and be able to listen to his preferred playlist anytime, anywhere.