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Apple & Google’s Exposure Notification Technology for COVID-19 is ready for use

Apple and Google have both partnered together to come up with a COVID-tracing software. And the good news is that the technology is already available. 

Report: Drug users are using wearable devices during binges

First of all, drug use is never a good idea. Secondly, taking full advantage of the features of today’s wearable devices during drug binges is also a very bad thing to do. But apparently, a number of people are using popular wearables like the Apple Watch and those made by Fitbit to attempt to keep safe while doing drugs.

Did Apple Music already overtake Spotify in America?

Perhaps because Spotify was already deep into the music streaming business way before Apple Music entered into the competition, the former is enjoying a sizable lead against the former, especially in terms of the total volume of their respective customer bases.

Apple Maps being rebuilt using Apple’s own data

Apple Maps is already around six years old, but back when it made its debut in 2012, it had to go through lots of issues and even criticism from casual consumers and hardcore tech enthusiasts. While it is true that the navigation service and mobile mapping app has since huge leaps in improvement, it appears that Apple is still not content.

iOS 12 to help users curb iPhone addiction

One of the biggest developments this week is Apple’s official unveiling of iOS 12 (the upcoming newest version of its mobile operating system) during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). According to the tech giant, the focus of iOS 12 is to improve performance and optimization, and fans of the mobile brand will no doubt be wanting to experience those cool new features when iOS 12 launches later this year.

Apple CarPlay now available on over 400 different car models

It was back in 2015 when Apple first confirmed the existence of its CarPlay offering. Fast forwarding to three years later, the tech giant is now celebrating the fact that CarPlay connectivity is now made available in over 400 different cars.

Jury rules that Samsung should pay Apple $539 million

In a patent case that started about seven years ago, a jury in a United States District Court in the city of San Jose in California has decided that Samsung should pay an amount of $539 million for infringing on no less than five patents owned by its fierce rival Apple. The South Korean tech giant is said to have infringed on these patents with the Android powered mobile devices it had released back in 2010 to 2011.

Apple Music now has 50 million listeners

As revealed by Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple, just this week on Bloomberg TV, it appears that Apple Music has now amassed 50 million listeners -- that is, if one takes into account users who access the music streaming service by way of three month trials (which are free of charge). 

Study: Apple’s App Store overhaul has improved app discovery

It was in fall of last year when Apple had decided to significantly revamp its App Store. The main idea behind the project was to improve or facilitate better app discovery, with added focus on editorial content. Thus, features like app of the day selections, lists, how to guides, and interviews that featured developers (just to name a few new features) were incorporated into the tech giant’s online store for mobile apps.

Steam to launch apps for streaming videos and games to Android and iOS devices

Video game developer Valve has recently decided to continue to expand the streaming capabilities of Steam to include Android and iOS powered mobile devices that connect to the same network as the host system. Valve is planning to achieve this by the upcoming release of a pair of mobile apps.