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Aside From The Apple Watch, What Other New Products Might Apple Unveil In Its March 9 Event?

Aside From The Apple Watch, What Other New Products Might Apple Unveil In Its March 9 Event?

Apple has already sent out invitations for its March 9th event to be held in the city of San Francisco. Apple's "Spring Forward" event (as indicated on the invites) will likely have a "time" theme, and having said that, the company is expected to divulge more information about the Apple Watch, including further details about pricing and availability.


But surely Apple has something else in store apart from providing more information about its first ever wearable device. In this post, let us go through the possible products that will be featured in Apple's upcoming event.


There were rumors that Apple was working on a new, larger iPad that sports a 12.9-inch display screen. Apparently, the demand for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus was so high that the company's suppliers were not able to expend enough production time on Apple's latest iPad offering. It is quite possible that this newest iPad could make its debut in March 9th.


There is also some talk that a new MacBook Air could be unveiled during Apple's San Francisco event, especially one that comes with a Retina Display. Fans of the MacBook Air have been waiting anxiously for an updated version of the device, and there is a good chance that they will finally see something new in a less than two weeks. Rumor has it that it will have a 12-inch display screen, and knowing Apple, some new features, too.


iPods are kinda getting old, aren't they? The last iPods introduced were the iPod Nano seventh-gen and the iPod touch fifth-gen. That was way back in September of 2012 -- more than two years ago. Could Apple be preparing a new iPod on March 9th. Although it is possible, it is not likely. Still, die-hard iPod fans continue to hope.


We may never see a true Apple television set, or at least, not in many years. But many, however, are waiting for a new Apple TV box, and it has been quite a while since an updated version was introduced. Could we be seeing a new one in March? Maybe one that comes with gaming, additional apps, or a new interface design?


One last thing -- earlier in February, we posted about the possibility of Apple launching an electric car. Although we mentioned that the target date of release for an Apple car is in five years, there's just no knowing for sure whether or not Apple will already have a working prototype by the time March 9 arrives. Apple has always been fond of surprises, and this could be the biggest surprise of all. Well, now that we have mentioned it, maybe not. But still, we can all keep on dreaming, can't we?