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What to Expect from Samsung Unpacked 2015

What to Expect from Samsung Unpacked 2015

Over the last few weeks, details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 model have been leaked to the public. Based on the leaked information, the new S6 model is believed to feature minimal bloatware, a metallic/glass chassis, and even a Sony IMX240 camera sensor. There are even some that believe a curved-screen variant, called the Galaxy S6 Edge, will be released.

In just a few days, Samsung will finally be revealing the truth behind these Galaxy S6 rumors at their “Unpacked” event on March 1 just before the Mobile World Congress 2015 convenes in Barcelona, Spain. And as many Samsung fans have witnessed, the annual “Unpacked” event does not just showcase one product. Despite the attention doted to the Galaxy line and the excitement over the latest S6 model, Samsung will be taking the stage to showcase a number of other services, devices and software programs. So what other announcements can we expect from Samsung Unpacked 2015?

More Phones than the Galaxy S6

Already a given fact, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a headliner at the event. But apart from this, there are reports that suggest Samsung will be unveiling two or three other smartphones on their March 1st event. Could this include the Galaxy S6 Edge?

More Smartwatches

The smartwatch market is believed to take off this year. Considering these played a vital role on their “Unpacked” event last year, Samsung could be shedding light to these products again. Especially with a new Galaxy Gear smartwatch rumored to be in the works, “Unpacked” could be the perfect time for them to show it off.

New Sensor Technology

The executives over at Samsung have long hinted of sensor technology and how these could improve their users’ mobile experience. Could Samsung Unpacked 2015 finally be the year where they unveil their iris scanners, fingerprint sensors and other components? And could it be part of the Galaxy S6?

Newer TouchWiz

TouchWiz this year has been reported to undergo its much-needed overhaul. According to reports, the new version of TouchWiz will sport both design and functionality improvements. Hopefully, Samsung will make its users have an easier time in using the software.

Possibly a Microsoft App

For years, many have speculated that both Samsung and Microsoft have partnered together to provide Office apps to TouchWiz. Considering that the two companies have recently settled a patent lawsuit, there could be some truth behind this rumor.

Samsung Pay Introduced

Considering Apple Pay has recently taken effect for iOS users, Samsung could now be ready to unveil their Samsung Pay option. Through this mobile-payment solution, Samsung users could easily make payments for purchases with their mobile device. Earlier, there were reports that Samsung met with PayPal to discuss specific issues relating to Samsung Pay, unveiling it at Unpacked could be an exciting time for device users.

Samsung has not yet released an official statement on what to expect at Samsung Unpacked 2015. As the days leading to the event are finally ticked off the calendar, we can only grow excited for these things to be unveiled.

What do you think? Which new Samsung product or service are you most excited about? Meanwhile, you can catch the live streaming of the event on YouTube starting 12:30 ET on March 1st.