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Caller ID feature coming to all devices with Google’s Phone app


Google has finally decided to let some Android smartphone devices enjoy some of its features. 

Prior to this announcement, Google’s Caller ID function on its Phone app was only exclusive to its Pixel line. But now, the tech giant has decided to make this feature available to other Android devices. 

It was only in September that Google made its Phone app compatible with other Android devices. But even with its availability, it did not mean that it came with all the bells and whistles that were exclusive to Pixel devices. The Caller ID function is one such feature to recently be made available to other Android phones using the Phone app. 

This feature is available as a new setting that you have to manually enable on your device. This will allow you to enable announcements for all calls or just the ones you receive while you are using a headset. You can also opt not to activate Caller ID, if you’re okay with receiving calls from unknown numbers. 

If your Google Phone app is on the latest version, you should be able to see the option to enable Caller ID on the settings.