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Here are the devices that LG will update once it stops its mobile business


Last week, LG confirmed the report that it will exit the smartphone business. Along with its announcement, the company promised that they will continue to upgrade some devices to the latest Android OS update. 

Shortly after the announcement was made, LG published the list of devices that will be receiving an OS update. The company also revealed when they will roll out Android 11 to devices:

  • LG G8S - rollout Q4 2021

  • LG G8X - rollout Q3 2021

  • LG K42 - rollout Q4 2021

  • LG K52 - rollout Q4 2021

  • LG Velvet 5G - rollout April 2021

  • LG Velvet LTE - rollout Q4 2021

  • LG Wing - rollout Q4 2021

In addition to Android 11, LG will be rolling out an update to Android 12 and 13 to select devices. These are the devices that will be getting the update:

  • LG G8 - Android 12 only

  • LG Q31 - Android 12 only

  • LG Q52 - Android 12 only

  • LG Q92 5G - Android 12 only

  • LG V50 - Android 12 only

  • LG V50S - Android 12 only

  • LG Velvet 5G - Android 12 and Android 13

  • LG Velvet LTE - Android 12 and Android 13

  • LG Wing - Android 12 and Android 13

Since this is a regional LG post, it doesn’t mean that all the devices mentioned will receive an update. You can check LG’s official website for any announcements.