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Survey: Amazon Echo Users Likely To Be On iOS Than On Android

In this day and age, smartphone owners can be sorted into two basic groups: Android users and iOS users. Sure, there are some people out there who still choose to use a Microsoft powered mobile device, but they are very, very few. Now when it comes to smart speakers, it turns out that the choice of OS is as equally shared, too, at least according to a survey recently conducted by securities intelligence firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

The New Pixel 2 Phones, Plus Everything Else Google Just Unveiled

Google did not disappoint in its unveiling event, not only debuting two new Pixel smartphone devices, but also lots of other cool and interesting stuff. Of course, people will likely be talking about the new Pixel 2 phones in the days and weeks to come, and they should be, but for those who want to get an overall picture of the new toys that Google just announced, here’s a quick guide.

Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

Google’s Family Link is Now Available for All Users


Now That Google Has Bought HTC’s Pixel Team, What Happens Now?


Trading of HTC’s Shares To Halt -- Will there be a Takeover by Google Soon?


Here Comes The Galaxy Note 8 Phablet

Fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series have had a tough year.

Google’s Mobile Search Results Now Have 6-Second Video Previews

Google has recently revealed that it has rolled out a new big update to its mobile search results pages. Whenever a particular video is included in the query results, the search giant will now also display a six second preview clip so that the user can decide better to check out the video or leave it alone.

Should Galaxy Note 4 Owners Be Worried About The CPSC Recalling Note 4 Batteries?

The answer is no for now. Yes, it is true that batteries of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled as of the moment, but there is not going to be another Galaxy Note 7 disaster this time. First of all, it is not the South Korean phone maker’s fault this time.

Buy The Moto E4 From Republic Wireless And Enjoy A $30 Discount

Republic Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that leases network capacity from major US wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, is now selling the fourth generation version of Motorola’s Moto E handset (most commonly known as the Moto E4). But fans of the Moto range of smartphone devices may be delighted to know that at Republic, the handset is offered for only $99, which is around $30 cheaper than the regular $130 price of the smartphone.

2017 BrandZ Rankings: Google Dominates For Second Straight Year

BrandZ has recently released its latest rankings for the biggest brands across the globe, and for the second consecutive year, Google has managed to best the best of the world. Like last year, Google has beaten rival Apple to the number one spot.