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Owners of Pixel phones and select Nexus devices can now connect to Android Auto using Wi-Fi

Before, users had to utilize a USB connector in order to use Android Auto, the platform developed by Google to give car owners an easy to use Android powered interface that offers directions, entertainment (including the user’s favorite tracks), and even incoming mobile alerts. 


Google now working to make AMP a standard that everyone can use

Everyone can basically agree that Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a swell idea -- after all, we do most of our googling (and all other Internet surfing activities) through our mobile devices nowadays, and having websites load faster on smartphones or tablets certainly makes super sense.

Android Go phones: What you need to know

This year’s Mobile World Congress event had not only given us two new Galaxy devices (the impressive Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus models), but also showcased the first Android Oreo Go Edition smartphone devices in the face of the planet. This might be awesome news for hardcore Android fans, but for those casual consumers, some of them might be scratching their heads with regards to what Android Go is all about. This post should help.


The basics


Introducing Huawei’s new MediaPad M5 tablets

It is no secret that the popularity of Android powered tablet devices has been decreasing in the last several years, and while mobile users do get the occasional high end offering like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3, most of the more recent releases in the market have been of the budget friendly kind. 

The Galaxy S9 devices, and everything that Samsung unveiled at this year's MWC

Much has already been said about how Samsung is poised to rule this year’s Mobile World Congress event (currently being held in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain), and the world’s biggest seller of smartphone devices did not disappoint. Without further ado, here are the South Korean tech giant’s latest flagship device offerings, and every other new announcements …

The Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus

Google testing a system that provides more accurate caller locations during 911 calls

Whenever a person dials 911 from a mobile device, that user’s wireless service provider usually transmits the location of the caller to the call taker. But there are times when the location information that is being sent is far from being accurate, and in an emergency, having the correct location can spell the difference between life and death for the person needing the 911 assistance.

Project Fi’s international data now covers 170 countries

Google has recently announced that its Project Fi wireless service is now providing data coverage in no less than 170 countries across the planet. That new number is 35 more than the previous 135, with new nations such as Belize, Monaco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Myanmar now enjoying international data.

Android Nougat now the most widely used Android version

Just a little more than 17 months after it was officially rolled out (back in the summer of 2016), Android Nougat has now become the most popular version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, surpassing Android Marshmallow in the process. This is somewhat already expected, given the fact that just a month ago, Android Nougat had overtaken Android Lollipop to become the second most popular version of Android.

Google’s YouTube Go to expand to more than 130 countries

As indicated in a blog post published earlier this week, Google is looking to further expand YouTube Go, the data light version of its YouTube service, to over 130 mobile markets across the globe. Previously, the feature was only made available to 15 countries around the world, but soon it will be enjoyed by over a hundred more in the next few weeks.

Google Maps' New Feature Alerts You When You’ve Reached Your Train, Bus Stop

According to a report recently published by TechCrunch last weekend, Google will soon roll out a new update for its Google Maps service, introducing a new interactive real time notification system for commuters and passengers.