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Google’s Mobile Search Results Now Have 6-Second Video Previews

Google has recently revealed that it has rolled out a new big update to its mobile search results pages. Whenever a particular video is included in the query results, the search giant will now also display a six second preview clip so that the user can decide better to check out the video or leave it alone.

Should Galaxy Note 4 Owners Be Worried About The CPSC Recalling Note 4 Batteries?

The answer is no for now. Yes, it is true that batteries of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled as of the moment, but there is not going to be another Galaxy Note 7 disaster this time. First of all, it is not the South Korean phone maker’s fault this time.

Buy The Moto E4 From Republic Wireless And Enjoy A $30 Discount

Republic Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that leases network capacity from major US wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, is now selling the fourth generation version of Motorola’s Moto E handset (most commonly known as the Moto E4). But fans of the Moto range of smartphone devices may be delighted to know that at Republic, the handset is offered for only $99, which is around $30 cheaper than the regular $130 price of the smartphone.

2017 BrandZ Rankings: Google Dominates For Second Straight Year

BrandZ has recently released its latest rankings for the biggest brands across the globe, and for the second consecutive year, Google has managed to best the best of the world. Like last year, Google has beaten rival Apple to the number one spot.

Google Unveils Its Android Excellence Program For Google Play Apps

Some may remember that not too long ago, Apple had launched a completely overhauled App Store that now focuses more on editorial aspects, such as providing stories about the mobile apps available, quick tips and tutorials, and even interviews with creators and developers, among many others.

AMP Now Covers More Than 2 Billion Mobile Pages Over 900,000 Domains

Google yet again continues to try to make Internet surfing on mobile devices a more improved experience. Recently during its annual I/O developer conference, the tech giant revealed that its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) service is now currently on more than a couple of billion mobile web pages, spanning over 900,000 domains in the world wide web.

Should Android Users Be Worried About WannaCry?

Over 300,000 computers in more than a hundred countries around the world have been affected by the WannaCry cyberattack. For those not familiar with WannaCry, it works by exploiting outdated versions of Windows, especially those that never got updated with relatively recently rolled out security patches from Microsoft.


Audi, Volvo To Incorporate Android Infotainment System In Their Upcoming Cars

Car manufacturers Audi and Volvo have announced their plans to fully integrate Google’s Android Auto into their upcoming vehicles in the near future. For those not familiar with Android Auto, it is basically a mobile device interface that allows users access to auto related information, such as directions, incoming notifications, and entertainment options (especially music).

Transform Your Selfies Into Emoji Via Google Allo

Emoji are cool and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to customize them into something that resembles us just a little bit? Well, Google Allo has got you all covered. Google has just rolled out a new feature in its Allo app that basically allows users to create custom emoji out of their own selfie face.

Google Play Music To Become Default Music Player On New Samsung Galaxy Devices

Two of the biggest names in tech today -- Google and Samsung -- have decided to join forces in order to make Google Play Music the default music player and music service on new smartphones and tablet devices made by the South Korean mobile manufacturer, starting with its latest flagship offerings, the Galaxy S8 and