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Introducing Phhhoto: An iOS App That Creates Moving Pictures

Introducing Phhhoto: An iOS App That Creates Moving Pictures

The free iOS app Phhhoto is far from being just your regular photo or video mobile app. That is because it doesn't just snap static, individual photos. Instead, this mobile app takes a series of pictures and stitches them up together to form a moving, animated picture that loops.


Before you can say, "GIF!" -- the Phhhoto app actually uses a new and different webP format that contains more color data compared to the usual GIFs. The really nice and cool thing about the app is that it saves your stitched-up animated image to your iPhone as a GIF after being posted.


Naturally, the combination of moving pictures and looping will have many people think of Phhhoto as an animated Instagram mashed up with Vine. Well, there is some truth to that statement. After all, just like Instagram, Phhhoto acts like most social networking services nowadays. Users can find and add friends through the mobile app. People can share their animated images across platforms and can even like/favorite photos and make use of hashtags. And just like the best social media apps, it lets users have some fun while killing away some time. Just browse through the WOW tab in the mobile app and you will see why. 


Also, when users take a photo for the Phhhoto app, the image is also saved automatically to Camera Roll. It may look like a normal static picture, but it is actually a GIF. If you share it to one of your contacts on iMessage, you will see that it is actually an animated image.


Of course, the Phhhoto app is far from being a perfect product. Some may find that the end result (that is, the animated image) have a filter and lo-fi grainy feel to it. Champ Bennett, co-founder of Phhhoto, states that they wanted it that way. 


For now, the Phhhoto app is available as a free download to iOS users only. But do not fret, Android users, the creators of the mobile app are working on an Android version. But alas, no details yet on when the Android version will be released, so Android users will have to look out for updates. 


The Phhhoto app will install on mobile devices that run on iOS 7.0 or newer versions. It is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. Lastly, the app is optimized for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus.