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Samsung To iPhone Users: Try The New Galaxy Phablets For 30 Days

Samsung To iPhone Users: Try The New Galaxy Phablets For 30 Days

If you can spare a dollar and is currently an owner of an iPhone device, Samsung has got a special offer for you. The South Korean phone maker has recently announced a new promotion that offers iPhone users a chance to try the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phablets for a period of 30 days, with no obligation whatsoever. Of course, this offer is only good for those iPhone owners who reside within in the United States.


Samsung is still considered the global leader when it comes to selling smartphones. But in the last few quarters, the company has seen its sales declining and its market share slipping away. If it does not do anything to curb this, the tech giant may find itself on an irreversible slide. This is why this latest promo make some sense. It appears that Samsung may be trying to hit two birds with a single stone with its newest special offer. First of all, the promo highlights its two latest phablet offerings -- the Galaxy Note 5 and the curvy Galaxy S6 Edge+, which the company recently unveiled during the Unpacked event held earlier this month. Samsung usually announces its new phablets on a September, but this year, the South Korean mobile manufacturer opted to introduced its newest toys way ahead of the usual schedule. Many believe that the decision was tactical -- it will allow Samsung to release its new smartphones ahead of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6S, which is expected to be announced next month. 


As for the secondary purpose of the promo, it would give Samsung an opportunity to try to entice current iPhone users, especially those who are kind of considering the idea of maybe trying out Samsung’s newest phablets. Even though the promo is a “no obligation” thing, it actually includes a free data plan so that mobile users can get the most from any of Samsung’s two new phablets which are not tied exclusively to any one single wireless carrier. Samsung is clearly hoping that there just might be somebody out there using an iPhone that may not be the diehard Apple fan they thought they were. 


But directly attacking Apple is easier said than done. As Samsung’s financials continue to sour every quarter, Apple’s seems to be picking up pace. Still, the fact remains that Samsung really needs to reverse its fortunes now and get back to its dominating ways. Many industry watchers believe that the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablets were launched to directly compete with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is difficult to say for now if these Samsung devices will really do give Apple a run for its money. And when you consider the fact that Apple is also readying to up the ante with yet another iPhone offering come November, Samsung may find itself fighting an uphill battle.


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