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Starbucks’ Wireless Chargers to Offer Support for New iPhone Devices


A Brief Guide To Everything Apple Announced During Its Event


September is always an eventful month for Apple, and of course, for its fans, especially those eager to know what new cool stuff the tech giant is announcing and will be releasing later in the year, or during the busy holiday shopping season. For this year, Apple has once again unveiled some new products that will be talked about for months, that is until rumors of the next iPhone model start to circulate. So scroll down below to find out what’s new.

The iPhone X

What New Cool Stuff Will Apple Unveil On September 12th?

By now, the Internet is so full of rumors regarding Apple’s 2017 iPhone offering, and we do not even know what to call it anymore. It is easy to see why everyone is so hyped up about the device -- let us just call it iPhone X (with X denoting 10 years) -- it basically is a celebration of the decade long dominance of Apple’s iPhone device, and Apple fans are eager to know what new stuff this latest model will wow us with. As for the rest of the players in the global smartphone industry, well they just want to know what they are up against in the upcoming holiday shopping season.

So You Wanna Sell Your iPhone?

Apple has already started sending out invites for an event happening on September 12th, and it is a good bet that the tech giant will be formally introducing three new iPhone models on that date. Based on previous years, it is a good bet too that for current iOS mobile users, the price of their iPhone device will probably go down. So for those thinking of selling their Apple smartphone, they might want to start now. However, before they do so, they need to take note of some tips.


iOS 11 Has A Feature That Deactivates Touch ID

It appears that Apple is incorporating a new feature on iOS 11 that will instantly deactivate Touch ID. The purpose of this feature is actually to provide a means for automating emergency services calls. Basically, the feature works by allowing iOS mobile users to tap the power button quickly five times in order to be able to quickly dial 911. To be perfectly clear, this does not automatically let a user dial emergency services by default.

Seeing AI: An iOS App From Microsoft That Describes Blind Users’ Surroundings

While many tech companies nowadays continue to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be put to good use in our daily lives, there are only a few who actually try to experiment with how today’s AI tech can help those with physical or sensory limitations. One of these is Microsoft, whose new app -- Seeing AI -- is designed to help blind users get a better sense of their immediate surroundings.

Virgin Mobile Now Only Sells iPhones

Virgin Mobile, a prepaid subsidiary of major US wireless carrier Sprint, is transforming into a mobile operator that sells only smartphone devices made by Apple. To mark the start of its new identity, the company is introducing a new limited time special offer that gives customers one whole year of unlimited voice calls, text messaging, and data for only $1.

Apple Now Worth More Than $776 Billion


Apple just became the most valuable publicly traded company in history. According to a report recently published by the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone maker’s opening stock price Monday was at $149.03 per share, which results to a valuation of $776.7 billion, surpassing its previous best mark of $774.7 billion recorded in February a couple of years ago.

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