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iOS 12 to help users curb iPhone addiction

One of the biggest developments this week is Apple’s official unveiling of iOS 12 (the upcoming newest version of its mobile operating system) during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). According to the tech giant, the focus of iOS 12 is to improve performance and optimization, and fans of the mobile brand will no doubt be wanting to experience those cool new features when iOS 12 launches later this year.

iPhone users suing Apple over Batterygate might merge lawsuits into one class action case

According to a report recently published by the Wall Street Journal, there are currently 59 different lawsuits filed against Apple after it had decided to update its iOS mobile operating system last year in order slow down the performance speed of older iPhone models.

DOJ report: FBI had sued Apple without exhausting all options for unlocking iPhone

According to a report released by the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), it turned out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had moved to have a court order Apple to unlock a certain iPhone unit owned by a terrorist being investigated for the 2015 San Bernardino attacks, before cons

YouTube on iOS now has a dark mode

This should be good news for those iPhone or iPod users who like their video watching experience dressed in black (so to speak). Google has recently announced this week that it is now offering a dark mode for YouTube's mobile app on iOS (no need to fret, Android users -- it is coming your way soon, too). As soon as users activate the dark theme, the background interface of the app immediately shifts from the customary white to a moodier black color. 

Survey: Interest in New iPhone Models Approaching Lowest Levels Ever

The launch of last year’s iPhone X was not only supposed to be a celebration of the ten year popularity of the iPhone, but also as a sort of ushering of a new era of ultra advanced smartphone capabilities.  But according to the results of a survey recently conducted by Wall Street research firm Cowen, it appears that the number of mobile users who currently own iPhones and are planning to purchase a new iPhone model are nearing historically low levels.

Apple Shareholders: Protect Kids from iPhone Addiction

Smartphones have become one of the most widely used consumer products in the last decade or so, and Apple’s iPhone (originally released in 2007) has played a significant role in letting that happen. But in the last few years, there has been plenty of discussion about the potential danger of too much smartphone use, not only for adults, for also when it comes to kids.

Report: Apple to Unify iOS and Mac Apps Next Year

According to a report recently published by Bloomberg, it appears that Apple has plans to have developers create apps that can work on both iOS and Mac platforms by next year.

Face ID Reportedly Got Hacked

We actually posed this question more than a couple of weeks ago, and now in light of some recent and very relevant news, we might have to ask it again -- is Face ID safe? Of course, the news being referred to is that of a Vietnam based security software firm that reportedly was able to hack the facial recognition system, and even posted a video demo on YouTube last Friday.

Apple Wanted to Assist the FBI in Accessing Texas Shooter’s iPhone

Apple had actually offered to aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with regards to accessing an iPhone unit used by Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley. The tech giant had apparently heard that the agency was having difficulties unlocking the device. During the recent weekend, Kelley had opened fire inside a Texas church, killing 26 people and injuring 20 others before taking his own life.

Apple’s Third Quarter Results Suggest Healthy Sales Despite Worries About iPhone 8

Amidst talks of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus not living up to expectations sales wise, it appears that Apple is not having a bad third quarter after all. As a matter of fact, the tech giant has just released its Q3 2017 earnings report and it is actually having quite a good three month run, with revenues generally beating analysts’ projections.