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Virgin Mobile Now Only Sells iPhones

Virgin Mobile, a prepaid subsidiary of major US wireless carrier Sprint, is transforming into a mobile operator that sells only smartphone devices made by Apple. To mark the start of its new identity, the company is introducing a new limited time special offer that gives customers one whole year of unlimited voice calls, text messaging, and data for only $1.


Apple Now Worth More Than $776 Billion

Apple just became the most valuable publicly traded company in history. According to a report recently published by the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone maker’s opening stock price Monday was at $149.03 per share, which results to a valuation of $776.7 billion, surpassing its previous best mark of $774.7 billion recorded in February a couple of years ago.


iPhones Beginning To Get Some Love From Professional Photographers

Cameras on smartphone devices are so good nowadays that consumers now basically use them as their default tool for capturing images wherever they go. But are smartphone cameras already good enough to start being used by professional photographers?

Google’s Family Link Is Now On iOS

Here is some good news for parents using Apple made mobile devices -- Family Link, the parental control software that Google had first introduced nearly a month ago, is now made available on the iOS mobile operating system.

iPhone 7 Devices Selling Well, But Not Effective In Converting Android Users

As expected, the latest iPhone models -- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus -- emerged victors after the busy holiday shopping season.

FBI Releases Documents On How It Hacked iPhone Connected To San Bernardino Shooting

In March of last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that it has successfully hacked the iPhone used by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shooting in 2015. The agency, however, never really disclosed completely how exactly it was able to unlock the smartphone unit under investigation. 


The iPhone At 10: How Apple’s Smartphone Changed The Mobile Landscape Forever

In 2007, Apple introduced this little thing called the iPhone, and went on to change the mobile industry as we know it in the decade since. Ten years ago, the mobile world was vastly different -- Nokia was the number one brand, through the strength of its wide range of cellular phone devices. People actually listen to music using a non-smartphone gadget. And Windows Vista was, like, a big thing.


The iPhone 7 Ruled The Holidays

According to new information published by analytics firm Mixpanel, iPhone 7 came out the winner over the busy holiday shopping season, with Apple’s latest iPhone model outselling Google’s Pixel devices. During the first few days after Christmas Day, the volume of unique iPhone 7 activations improved by 12.7 percent, compared with an 8.5 percent increase for Pixel smartphones. 


US Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Samsung In Patent Dispute With Apple

The United States Supreme Court has decided in favor of Samsung in its highly publicized patent case against fierce rival Apple. With this ruling, the case has been sent back to a lower court in order to ascertain the amount of damages to be paid.

Apple’s Made For iPhone Program: Making Handsets More Accessible To The Hearing Impaired

When Apple officially rolled out its iOS 7 mobile operating system about three years ago, it also launched the Made for iPhone hearing aid program, which aimed to make mobile devices more accessible to users with hearing impairments. This is done in various ways, including making full use of Bluetooth technology (to stream audio) and a special protocol technology from Apple in order to better connect hearing aids to iPhones and iPads.