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Verizon Now Letting Customers From Other Networks Bring Their Own Handset

Verizon Now Letting Customers From Other Networks Bring Their Own Handset

Verizon Wireless is introducing a new policy that should entice more customers from other rival wireless carriers to shift to Verizon by virtue of being allowed to bring their own handsets to the Big Red. As many may have known already by now, Verizon Wireless joins other wireless carriers in the United States in gradually transitioning from standard smartphone contracts to a different structure that separates wireless plans from device repayment schemes. This new policy introduced by Verizon that lets customers bring in their own devices is certainly a welcome addition to the recent changes the wireless carrier has made regarding how it provides its wireless services to its subscribers.


Verizon Wireless is employing a slowly but surely approach to effecting its new program. As such, only a limited number of devices for now are eligible for network transfers. For instance, as of this writing, the Big Red is only citing Apple’s iPhone devices, Google’s Nexus 6 (made in partnership with Motorola), and a few other handsets. 


Also, in order to qualify for this new program by Verizon Wireless, customers must bring in an unlocked smartphone. Even then, there is still no guarantee that it will work with Verizon’s network. However, it is a good thing that the Big Red has decided upon creating a special page in its website wherein customers can check if their handset is indeed compatible with Verizon Wireless and eligible with the program. In this page, customers can see a dropdown menu where one can select the operating system for the device being checked for compatibility. Based on this, we can probably deduce that there will really be a lot more handsets that may be included in the weeks or months to come, even devices that are powered by Windows Phone. 


Via this page, the customer is required to provide the ESN, IMEI, or MEID number of the handset in order to ascertain its compatibility with Verizon’s network. As for those who have no idea what those acronyms mean and where to find the information pertaining to them, they can always check the box/packaging of their handsets. In case they have already thrown the original boxes, they can always check their devices for the information. For example, for iPhone users, they can normally obtain the IMEI number by going to Settings, and then going to General > About menus. For most other handsets, including those that run on the Android mobile operating system, they can just type *#06# (that is a star, a hash, a zero, a six, and a hash) into the dialer, and the IMEI number should be displayed momentarily.


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