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Apple To Announce New iPads Next Week

Apple To Announce New iPads Next Week

Apart from unveiling its latest iPhone models, Apple will also be introducing its newest iPad offerings during its upcoming annual event happening on September 9th of this year. This means that roughly a week from now, we can expect to finally see the company’s iPad Pro (and possibly the new iPad Mini 4, as well) be officially introduced to the world. This is as reported by 9to5Mac, who cites unnamed but reliable sources.


It is no secret that much of Apple’s revenues come from the robust yearly sales of its iPhone line of mobile devices. As a matter of fact, over two thirds of the company’s earnings came from its smartphones. But its tablet line of products, however, is in a midst of a slump, which has gone on for about six quarters now. Apple needs to reinvigorate its slowing iPad sales, and introducing a new and bigger iPad could be the key to achieving that. 


The upcoming event scheduled for September 9th will be held in the beautiful city of San Francisco, particularly in the Bill Graham auditorium, which can seat up to 7,000 people. Apple certainly needs a venue of this size -- its annual September event after all is expected to be packed with people, no doubt eager to witness for themselves what shiny new toys the company will be unveiling next.


New iPhones are expected, but not necessarily new iPads. In past years, after all, Apple always introduced new iPhones in the month of September, and then announced new iPads in October, a full month after. Because of this, various industry watchers are speculating that maybe Apple does not have mind blowing changes in store for the new iPads, despite the fact that the tablet community has been clamoring to see a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro brought to light.


Early in August, Buzzfeed had reported that Apple would be announcing a new iPad together with the new iPhone 6S (plus a new Apple TV) sometime during the week of September 7th, with September 9th identified as the most likely date. But Apple Insider published a story in which it indicated that Apple’s manufacturing partners would get components in September at the earliest, which means that the iPad Pro probably will not be ready soon enough for the September 9th event. Apple has always been good at keeping secrets, so until September 9th arrives, nobody knows for sure.