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Vine Launches New Audio Editing, Music Discovery Features

Vine Launches New Audio Editing, Music Discovery Features

It appears that Vine is strengthening its music related features by introducing new tools that would allow its users to incorporate music to their videos, as well as make it easier for them to discover music tracks on videos shared by other users. These two new features are officially called the Snap To Beat feature and the Featured Tracks tool. Basically, the Snap To Beat feature lets users make perfectly looping music tracks to the videos they are creating. As for the Featured Tracks tool, it allows users to find details regarding the song title and the artist of music tracks being used on videos shared via Vine. 


Vine was launched back in 2013 and is currently owned by Twitter. The free mobile app is sort of like the video version of tweets -- short and snappy, and can be consumed and shared quickly and easily. Specifically, users can make very short videos (six seconds in length) that endlessly loop, with a nifty little counter that adds up the number of times the videos have been repeating all over again. 


Of course, like any other mobile app, it all began as something that it just for fun (especially for pet owners who love to share videos of their dogs and cats). But in the last year, Vine has become a news gathering tool, especially as a way for journalists and even casual users to take real time video footage of events (such as last year’s Ferguson protests). It has even become a medium for artists (especially those with a wicked sense of humor), and has even inspired Tropfest, the largest short film festival in the world, to launch a competition for six second long movies.


And now, Vine is turning its focus into enhancing the musical aspect of the mobile app. For iOS mobile users, they will be able to take advantage of the Snap To Beat feature in order to identify which part of a certain song should be used in making an endless looping audio track, with the feature cutting the video in order to fit with the audio accompaniment. There will also be editing tools that allow users to cut certain sections of songs and sound clips and drop them into specific parts of the video being created. 


Apart from this, Vine is also trying to become a sort of music discovery tool, with its Featured Tracks functionality. Specifically, the Featured Tracks section will highlight popular or new music tracks that people can incorporate to their videos, while users will also be able to identify songs used in other Vines created and shared by other people. Vine has even struck a deal with Billboard in getting Vine creators to be recognized in the Billboard Social 50.


The new music editing features will be rolling out to iOS users beginning on August 28th of this year. On the same date, both iOS and Android users will be able to start utilizing the music discovery tools.