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The Best Deals Available for the New iPhones (So Far)

iPhone 6 deals

How do I go about getting the new iPhone? This seems to be one of the most important (and most frequently asked) question in the last few days. It has only been days since the announcement of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and quite naturally, people are already sniffing around for the best deals that they can take advantage of in order to get their hands on Apple's newest smartphone offering.

Admittedly, it is still too early to make a definitive guide of what iPhone 6 deals are available out there, but on the other hand, there is no harm in taking a look at the early options.

Sprint's Simply Unlimited Plan

Sprint beat everybody to it by introducing the Simply Unlimited Plan merely hours after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were officially announced last September 9 during an Apple event held in Cupertino, California.

Sprint's Simply Unlimited Plan promises unlimited calls, texting, and data for as low as $50.00 every month. Customers will be happy to know that this plan is $10.00 cheaper than other unlimited monthly plans offered by the carrier.

This plan is only open to people who are financing their new iPhone via the Easy Pay monthly installment plan, or through the iPhone for Life option. Those who opt for Easy Pay will have to pay $30.00 every month for their iPhone 6 (16 gigabytes), in addition to the $50.00 plan fee. After two years, their iPhones will be considered fully paid. As for the iPhone for Life option, customers will pay $20.00 monthly for a 16-gigabyte iPhone 6 (adding that to the $50.00 plan fee, the total is $70.00 monthly). After successfully making 24 monthly payments (two years), they can upgrade to a newer iPhone version.

Sprint has stated that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will be compatible with the carrier's Spark tri-band LTE network.

Verizon's Trade-In Offer

Verizon is basically offering its customers to trade in their current iPhones for a new iPhone 6 (16 gigabytes). Specifically, in exchange for their old phones, the carrier will give willing participants a $200.00 gift card.

The new iPhone 6 is priced at $199.99 and comes with a two-year plan. So if you take Verizon's offer, you would effectively be owning a new iPhone for $0.00 downpayment.

This offer only applies for the iPhone 6 (16 gigabytes, two years contract). Those under Verizon Edge are excluded. To qualify for the offer, the customer must trade in any of the following versions: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S.


As for AT&T, they are also letting customers trade their old iPhones for a new iPhone 6, plus a maximum of $300.00 credit. The offer will start on on September 12, the date in which Apple's latest iPhones will be made available for pre-order.


Earlier this week, T-Mobile claimed that it would match any trade-in offer from other national carriers. Moreover, it further guaranteed that if customers trade in their phones with T-Mobile and later discover within a week that they could have gotten a much sweeter deal from another carrier, T-Mobile would counter the deal and give a $50.00 bill credit.

As mentioned before, we are just in the beginning of the iPhone 6 Plan wars. Who knows what will happen in the following days leading up to the exact date the new iPhone hits stores everywhere.