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Does The New iPhone Bend In Your Pocket?

Does Your iPhone 6 Bend?

Oops, it looks like some iPhone owners are experiencing a case of the bends. Reports have gone out recently suggesting that the new iPhone 6 Plus may easily bend, especially when users put the device in their pockets and sit down (as reported by The Daily Dot and MacRumors).

After the initial reports, certain circles actually tried to test if the iPhone 6 Plus does bend under duress and then produce a YouTube video demonstrating it, this according to Business Insider.

Fueled by the media attention, other iPhone 6 users have flooded the Twitterverse, sharing their own experiences and opinions on the device's supposed easy bendability and utilizing the hashtag #BendGate for maximum effect. "BendGate" even has its own Twitter account, which further expounds (sometimes comically) on the new iPhone's malleable properties.

But experts are saying that the bending may not be that surprising. The iPhone 6 Plus after all is encased in aluminum, a type of metal that is susceptible to bending, explains Mashable. Moreover, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6 for that matter, are thinner compared to previous models. And one must also consider the additional surface area brought on by the new models' upgraded size. Putting all of that together, plus the application of pressure, the metal will likely bend.

Apple has yet to respond to these reports. As for iPhone 6 Plus owners -- well, they can always invest on an AppleCare+ plan. Or, they can always get a protective case, which should reinforce their iPhones structurally. Or they can just stop putting their iPhones in their pockets and refraining from sitting on their devices.

Still, every metal smartphone in the past has suffered from structural bending. A quick Google search would show images of bent Galaxy S4s, Xperias, and BlackBerrys. But when it involves an iPhone -- well, things tend to get overblown.

It is not clear yet if this latest development could affect iPhone 6 sales. The new iPhones recently set a new first weekend sales record for any smartphone -- there were 4 million pre-orders within the first 24 hours and over 10 million units sold in just three days after the devices' release.

Regardless, in light of this news, iPhone 6 owners will have to be more careful in carrying their devices from now on.