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Sprint Gains 491,000 Customers During Most Recent Quarter

Price cuts are enticing and all, but a deal that promises to cut your phone bill in half is even better.

Sprint’s $1 A Month iPhone 6s Deal May Even Be Better Than T-Mobile’s

Sprint just announced a new promo in which the wireless carrier is offering the 16 gigabyte edition of Apple’s new iPhone 6s for just $1 a month.

T-Mobile’s New Promo May Be Best iPhone 6s Deal Yet

Apple’s two new recently unveiled iPhone models -- the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus -- will officially go on sale this Friday, September 25th in stores all over the world.

LG Inks Patent Licensing Deal With Nokia

Nokia is certainly far from its glory days as a global leader in smartphones. As a matter of fact, ever since its smartphone business was acquired by Microsoft one year ago, the company has stopped selling smartphones outright. But it appears that Nokia is still making money out of smartphones -- other companies' devices, to be exact.


Check Out These Year-End Deals From Motorola

Just in time for the holidays, Motorola is introducing some exciting year-end deals this week.


First off, Motorola is announcing that the Moto X 2014 edition offered at Verizon Wireless will now be priced at just $49.99. Buyers who decide to get the Motorola device from now until December 31st on a two-year Verizon plan will be able to enjoy savings of $50 from the regular subsidized price of $99.99.


Purchase A New Smartphone At AT&T And Get The G Pad 7.0 LTE For Only $0.99

Are you looking for a new tablet that is affordable? You might want to go to AT&T. The carrier is collaborating with phone maker LG in offering the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE for just $0.99.


There is a catch though. The offer is only open to who purchase a new smartphone on an AT&T Next early upgrade plan. Moreover, you will have to get the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE on a two-year contract with AT&T. But if you are okay with getting a smartphone and tablet upgrade now, you will enjoy savings of $99 (the normal on-contract price for the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE is $99.99).


Your Guide To Black Friday Deals Offered By Wireless Carriers

Are you ready for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend? Here is your guide to the best Thanksgiving holiday promotions offered by wireless carriers in the United States:


Verizon Wireless


For Black Friday, Verizon Wireless is giving its customers a $50 rebate for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Furthermore, the carrier is offering its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for only $199 on-contract.


HTC Launches Hot Deals Program

It appears that HTC is jumpstarting the holiday season. Starting today, HTC is launching its Hot Deals program, a promo that will allow customers to purchase an HTC device for a discounted price.


The program works like this: for the next nine weeks, HTC will feature a Hot Deal every Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific time (that is 12 noon Eastern time). The Hot Deal of the week will come with a discounted price, and maybe even come with a discounted accessory.


The Best Deals Available for the New iPhones (So Far)

How do I go about getting the new iPhone? This seems to be one of the most important (and most frequently asked) question in the last few days. It has only been days since the announcement of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and quite naturally, people are already sniffing around for the best deals that they can take advantage of in order to get their hands on Apple's newest smartphone offering.

Black Friday Cell Phone Deals 2013

We're all about finding customers the best deals on cell phones and plans (among other things) at MyRatePlan. Below, we've compiled the best Black Friday cell phone deals of 2013 across all phones and providers. Many of these links are only available on Black Friday, but some may be available a few days before or a few days after as well.

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