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Apple Launches Migration Guide for Android Users Who Want To Switch To Apple

Switching from Android to Apple

The iPhone 6 is doing extremely well in terms of preorder sales, and the way things are going on right now, it appears that Apple can expect the number of buyers to increase in the weeks following the smartphone's September 19 release.

Surely, part of those new buyers will be users that make the switch from Android to iPhone. Anticipating this, Apple has launched a new support web page to serve as a sort of migration guide for people who want to move their data from their Android devices to Apple handsets.

Migration has always been an issue for anyone transitioning between two different devices or mobile operating systems. Not only do you need to migrate your contacts, but also your photos, calendars, media files, and even documents.

But now, Apple wants to help you, especially if you are an Android user who is about to own an iPhone. But interestingly enough, Apple does not appear to be averse to the idea of suggesting third party apps to users to help them achieve a better migration process. As a matter of fact, Apple is recommending apps like AT&T Mobile Transfer and Copy My Data, apps that both run on Android and Apple platforms. Apple's migration guide even tells those who are switching to use the Android File Transfer program for Mac in order to copy information from their Android devices into a computer.

When it comes to moving media files, it is no surprise that iTunes is involved. It does make a lot of sense -- what better way to introduce former Android users to Apple than by introducing them to iTunes, which is basically involved in most iOS processes. And of course, there is iCloud, too. Transferring phone and email contacts is made easier when you store them in a cloud, either one that is provided by an email service provider or a social media website. To sync everything, simply add the email account, or log into your social network.

Apps, however, are a little bit tricker to migrate. It would not be much of a problem if your favorite Android apps can be found in the iTunes App store. If the app is popular, it is likely available in iTunes too, which would be a good thing. And if you store your app settings and data on the cloud, migration would be less difficult.

But if your app is not available in iOS? Well, Apple claims you will eventually find a similar app if you look hard enough. Who knows, it might be even better that the one you previously had.