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AT&T Pulls The Plug On 15 GB For $100 Promo, But Customers Can Still Enjoy Savings

AT&T Pulls The Plug On 15 GB For $100 Promo, But Customers Can Still Enjoy Savings

Roughly two weeks ago, AT&T announced a promo that offers its Mobile Share Value customers 15 gigabytes of shareable data for the price of 10 gigabytes, which was equal to paying only $100 for both the plan and its device access charges. 


But the carrier recently announced that it has officially ended the promo. When AT&T first introduced the 15 gigabytes for $100 promo, the carrier stated clearly that it would be a limited-time offer only without providing any end date. But still, it is quite unexpected to see the promo being killed off so early into the holiday season, which only really has begun and may even bring more promos from both big and small-time wireless carriers in the weeks to come.


Even though the 15 gigabytes for $100 promo is no longer open to new customers, who who did avail of AT&T's special offer do get to keep the $100 pricing structure and bumped up data for as long as they want. They just have to keep their plans active and in good order.


As for those who decide to still sign up for the 15 gigabyte Mobile Share Value plan, they will now be made to pay $130 each month (excluding line access charges). There is some good news, however. AT&T is still continuing its double data promo for any plan at this price or higher. This means that subscribers who sign up for 15 gigabytes of shareable data will automatically be upgraded to 30 gigabytes at no additional costs. Factor in the access fees (at least $15 each month for each line of service) and you only have to pay $190 per month (for four lines of service), or a total of $4560 over a two-year period.


But if we are talking about family or shared data plans, you may also want to check out Sprint's offer. Sprint is extending its Family Share Pack offer until January 15th of next year. Until that time, those who sign up can enjoy four lines of unlimited calls, unlimited text messaging, and 20 gigabytes of shared data for only $100 each month. Line access fees attached to the plan is being waived by Sprint until January 2016 -- beyond that, the monthly price will go back to $160 each month. 


If you do not include payment for your handsets, Sprint's 20 gigabyte Family Share Pack will cost you $3060 over a two-year period (if you start availing of it now). In comparison, Verizon Wireless's 15 gigabyte four-line plan costs $6240 over two years if all handsets are purchased subsidized, and $3840 if devices are bought via Verizon Edge.


As for T-Mobile's unlimited data family plan, you will need to pay a total $3160 over a two-year period (for four lines, based on $130 monthly). You do get some additional perks including international data, unlimited music streaming, and automatic Wi-Fi calls.