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Yahoo Weather App Gets Updated With Animated Weather Effects

Yahoo Weather App Gets Updated With Animated Weather Effects

Are you looking for a funky app that updates you on the latest weather conditions? Look no further than the Yahoo Weather app, which recently got upgraded with cool animated weather effects. If you're gonna get awful weather news today, might as well get it with cool animations, right?


Interestingly, the Yahoo Weather app was listed in Google's top apps for the year 2014. It is hard to argue with its inclusion -- the app really is a very useful and highly functional weather update source. And now, it has become more prettified, too.


With the use of modern design language, the Yahoo Weather app now stands above all other weather apps out there in terms of visual appeal. As for functionality, the app remains as efficient as ever, with an easy-to-use sliding interface that helps users manage multiple locations by just sliding to the left or right on the main screen.


As far as weather apps go, the Yahoo Weather app looks like it has the most complete package. And even though it shows a lot of weather information, the app never feels overloaded with weather data. Although it kind of helps that the background image keeps changing (courtesy of Flickr).


Also, with the Yahoo Weather app, there are all sorts of widget types and sizes for any home screen. Plus, you can get weather notifications on your status bar. 


And with regards to the animated weather effects, they are as cool to look at as they accurate. And each weather condition is well-represented -- you get effects for rain, snow, frost, fog, heat, and even lightning. 


And the great thing about the weather effects is that they are more subtle than in-your-face. For instance, if it is snowing outside, snowflakes will gently glide down on the main screen. When a thunderstorm is raging outside your window, you are going to see lightning flashing on your screen. 


Per Yahoo, the update for the Yahoo Weather app is already available in Google Play. As for those who have not yet installed the app in their Android devices, they can just download it for free. 


It appears that Yahoo is on a roll right now, especially when it comes to apps. The Yahoo News Digest has been praised for effectively collecting news and relevant information depending on the user's preferences. Then there's Aviate, a launcher that changes depending on the user's activities and whereabouts at given point in time, and even studies the apps the user frequently uses in various locations in order to prepare the apps that are most likely to be launched when a user finds himself in a specific location.