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T-Mobile Announces Data Stash, A Rollover Program For Unused Data

T-Mobile Announces Data Stash, A Rollover Program For Unused Data

T-Mobile recently introduced a new program called Data Stash. This program basically lets users roll over data that is unused every month, and then give them the option of using the unused data for up to one year if they go over their regular data plan in any given billing cycle.


Mobile data plans are normally offered with a preset number of megabytes or gigabytes every month. It would be good if you can use up all of your data allotment, but what usually happens is that you don't and the amount of data unused also does not accrue to the next billing period. So you are always left with two choices: 1) try to use up all your data allotment and risk paying overage fees if you exceed the limit, or 2) play it conservative and end up wondering about all the unused gigabytes every month.


But now that Data Stash is here, users will be able to keep that unused data in a sort of data piggy bank. But it should be noted that the data you save has an expiry -- for example, your unused data for this December will be good until next year's December.


It appears that T-Mobile is not restricting the amount of data you can save up. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile John Legere has stated that the carrier will seed every user's Data Stash with 10 gigabytes when they sign up for the program.


T-Mobile is planning to launch the program on January of next year. It will be offered at no extra charge for subscribers under a Simple Choice plan with 3 gigabytes or more data allotment per month, and also for those under tablet plans with 1 gigabyte or more data each month.,


It is quite common practice for wireless carriers to charge data overage fees and overselling data allotment packages. For some time, T-Mobile was no exception, but instead of charging overage fees, the carrier normally throttles back bandwidth to 2G speeds for subscribers who exceed their data allotments in a billing period. Speeds are only returned to normal once a new billing cycle starts.


With regards data rollover programs, T-Mobile is also not the first to do it. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like FreedomPop have done so in past years. Even Verizon Wireless has tried to introduce its own version of the program in its prepaid plans.


But no wireless carrier has ever introduced a data rollover plan as generous as T-Mobile's (being able to re-use the data you save for one year is a pretty decent deal). 


The introduction of Data Stash is part of T-Mobile's Uncarrier strategy, which sees the carrier constantly trying to explore new approaches in providing wireless services to customers. 


The question is: will other carriers follow T-Mobile's example? Only time will tell.


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