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Order Your Coffee Via The Starbucks Mobile App And Postmates Will Have It Delivered To You

Order Your Coffee Via The Starbucks Mobile App And Postmates Will Have It Delivered To You

Postmates, a company that specializes in on-demand delivery services, has inked an agreement with Starbucks to deliver the US coffee giant's beverages to customers who ordered through the Starbucks mobile app. Soon, with just a tap on your mobile device, you can now have your coffee delivered right to your home or office.


The Starbucks and Postmates collaboration will kick off with a pilot program that will be conducted in the city of Seattle (where else?) during the later part of this year. This is how it would work -- customers order their coffee via the Starbucks app on their mobile devices (or via the Internet on their desktop computers), and then an official Postmates driver will pick up the drinks and have it delivered to the customer's preferred destination address.


While this is a nice, sensible move by Starbucks (which recently expanded its Order Ahead feature a week ago), it is definitely a big business opportunity for Postmates. If not a global brand already, Starbucks is a very well-known brand in the United States. Moreover, loads of customers have already downloaded the official Starbucks mobile app (it certainly helped that the coffee giant is creating a rewards program to encourage people to download its app). Lastly, coffee is something that people can order every day. For Postmates, that easily translates to constant deliveries on a daily basis, which obviously is good for its business.


As for Starbucks, it is already one of the biggest coffeehouse chains in America, and in the world (to date, it has over 21,500 locations around the globe). Providing delivery services for its coffee may serve as a good reinforcement of its brand. And it does not hurt to have something that gives it an edge over its competitors. Although you can't really expect its rivals to just sit idly by -- they will probably cook up something similar of their own, too. 


Interestingly, in the eastern coast of the United States, specifically in New York City, Starbucks will also be providing delivery services too. But instead of relying on Postmates, the coffee giant will be resorting to its own baristas in hand-delivering coffee to its customers. In the Big Apple, the delivery service is called Green Apron.


Starbucks is quite aware of the expectations for its mobile ordering service. For the latter part of the year, only Seattle and New York City will get to experience this new Starbucks service. But in the months or years after, it could take off in the whole of America, in Canada, in the United Kingdom, and in all countries where there is a Starbucks branch in operation. Needless to say, a lot depends on the success of the pilot programs in those two American cities. If Starbucks pulls it off, the whole world is definitely next.