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Verizon Wireless text outage affected “a ton of customers”


Verizon Wireless customers based in the east coast area were subject to some issues this morning. According to reports, these users encountered issues in sending and receiving text messages.

The reports show that the problem started as early as 8:30 am EDT (Eastern Time Zone). Verizon confirmed the issue by sending out a tweet via their customer service team account. The message read that its technicians were working non-stop to fix the issue that affected “a ton of customers.”

Thankfully, Verizon’s technicians were able to take care of the issue right away. In a separate tweet, the carrier reported that it had already fixed the problem. They also advised their customers to power cycle their device to return its text functionality. Power cycling is the act of turning off a smartphone for a minute or two before powering it on again. also displayed the areas that were affected by the issue in its outage map. Some of the affected customers are from Florida up to New York through the eastern seaboard.

While the issue affected customers’ ability to send and receive text messages, they were still able to make calls and continue browsing the internet.

Were you among those affected by the outage?