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What To Do When Your iPhone 6’s or iPhone 6 Plus’s Display Screen Gets Broken

What To Do When Your iPhone 6’s or iPhone 6 Plus’s Display Screen Gets Broken

It happens to the best of us. No matter how careful we all are, we just can't protect our iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus devices forever. It might be through our own fault or the fault of others (yeah, go ahead, blame the cat), but it is only really a matter of time before we drop our iPhones on a hard floor and get a broken display screen. 


It would be nice if you have insurance for your mobile devices. But for those who can not afford to pay $5 to $11 per month for phone insurance plans, you might want to consider other options like those discussed in the following paragraphs.


Have Apple Replace The Display Screen Of Your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus


Depending on the severity of the damage, you can get your cracked display screen replaced by Apple; provided of course that you are still under warranty. Having Apple replace your broken screen may not be as expensive as many people think. Charges for fixing a broken display screen costs $109 plus tax for the iPhone 6 and $129 plus tax for the iPhone 6 Plus.


If you have no way of getting your damaged iPhone to an Apple store, you can elect to send your device to Apple via mail, but it comes with a shipping fee of $6.95, and it may take several days to a week before you can get your iPhone back. If you bought AppleCare+ (which costs $99 for a couple of years) for your iPhone, you will only need to pay $79 for repairing the broken display screen. Be reminded though that AppleCare+ only covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. If you are still under warranty and the damage is very, very minimal (think hairline cracks), Apple may fix your display screen free of charge. 


Have It Fixed By A Third Party


Of course, you can always turn to somebody that is not Apple. But be warned -- doing so will void your warranty. However, if you are already out of warranty, then by all means, get a third party to fix your broken display screen.


The only thing that goes against third party fixers' favor is that their repair rates are often inconsistent. Apple is fixing screens at basically under $130, but third party fixers could charge you somewhere between $100 to $250. 


But despite the uncertain pricing (and uncertain quality), you do always get fast service though. Many of these third party fixers can replace your broken display screen in an hour or so. 


Do It Yourself


There are many screen replacement kits ($10 to $25) available in the market today, especially for devices as popular as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Screen replacement kits typically includes a new glass, a suction cup tool for removing the broken screen, pentalobe, screwdrivers, and some tools. These kits only offer to replace the broken glass, though, not the broken touch screen. 


The good thing about living in the Internet age is that you can always Google tips on doing something. And DIY videos on replacing iPhone screens are no exception. 


If you can not afford to go to Apple or to any third party to get your iPhone's screen fixed, and you are not willing to replace it yourself, you might as well man up and try to live with a broken display screen, that is if your phone is still functional.