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Mint Mobile is recent SIM swapping victim


Earlier this week, Mint Mobile customers turned to Reddit to share their frustrations on their security. Mint’s co-founder, Rizwan Kassim, has responded to the Reddit forum and acknowledged the recent security issues experienced by their customers. 

“We’ve been reading your inquiries around the recent security concerns. Despite deeply wanting to respond to your questions, we haven’t been able to due to some pretty rigid compliance regulations around what we can share publicly, especially while we engage with law enforcement. 

So what happened? We can’t share much, but in short, Mint Mobile was the victim of a social engineering incident last month that impacted a small number of subscribers. We have been in contact with impacted subscribers and quickly restored their services. We also continue to investigate this incident.”

This is in connection with the recent complaints of Mint subscribers that have become victims of SIM swapping attacks. On the forum site, there are at least a couple of users who shared their experiences with the incident but there could be a lot more affected users. 

This may have something to do with last month’s incident where several subscribers received an unexpected notification informing them of a password reset. Although this may be two separate incidents, it could still be related to the SIM swapping attacks. 

The recent attack does not really come as a surprise to many subscribers, especially since they’ve been requesting the T-Mobile MVNO to tighten up their security measures. Hopefully, the executives will see this as something to take seriously and give their subscribers an ability to make a user-set PIN to tighten up their security measures.