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Apple Is Planning To Unveil A New Apple TV Device Later This Year

Apple Is Planning To Unveil A New Apple TV Device Later This Year

It appears that Apple is planning to introduce an update to its Apple TV set-top streaming box sometime later this year. According to a report by web news source Buzzfeed, the tech giant will be unveiling the new Apple TV device at its Worldwide Developers Conference to be held this coming summer.


Apart from the unveiling of a new Apple TV device, Apple will also be announcing a software development kit that will let developers create apps that will work with the company's set-top box. The current Apple TV already has its apps, but there are automatically installed in the device. As for the developers' apps, they will be delivered to the Apple TV via the App Store, just like how apps are delivered to the iPhone or the iPad by way of the App Store.


The Apple TV box was first launched back in 2007. It was originally designed to deliver iTunes content to a customer's television set. But its succeeding versions eventually did away with onboard storage and focused instead on streaming video content to the television. Apple has not released any upgraded version of the Apple TV box since 2012, which is more than two years now.


What the existing version of the Apple TV does is provide access to iTunes content as well as serve as host for apps that deliver content, such as HBO Go (including HBO's upcoming streaming-only service, HBO Now) or YouTube. Owners of the device may also choose to rent and purchase movies and TV shows using the Apple TV. Apple has claimed that it has sold 25 million units of its Apple TV box since the device made its 2007 debut. 


As for the new upcoming version of the Apple TV -- what enhancements might one expect? As reported by Buzzfeed, the new Apple TV box will likely feature a new design and more storage compared to the existing version, which only allows 8 gigabytes of space for storing apps. Furthermore, the new Apple TV box might be equipped with a Siri-like feature for controlling the device, and will support HomeKit, Apple's home automation platform. 


It is far too early yet for other details such as improvements to the operating system, or information on pricing and availability. Apple has not even announced any official schedule yet for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. But for fans of the Apple TV, having something to look forward this year is truly welcome news.