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AT&T To Launch Super-Fast GigaPower Broadband Service in Cupertino, CA

AT&T To Launch Super-Fast GigaPower Broadband Service in Cupertino, CA

AT&T is taking its ultra-speedy gigabit broadband service and bringing it to the city of Cupertino in the state of California. Indeed, the major wireless carrier has announced that it has officially launched its U-Verse with AT&T GigaPower broadband network Monday in this Santa Clara County city. This service promises to offer up to 1 gigabit per second connectivity to consumers and small- to medium-sized enterprises. Rates start at $110 every month.


For those not in the know, a gigabit broadband connection is really super fast. According to AT&T, users with this kind of connection will be able to download about two dozen songs in less than a full second. Those who are into movies will be able to download a full HD movie in no less than 36 seconds. Now just imagine what you can do when you get a full hour on this speedy connection.


AT&T's GigaPower broadband service may give competitor Google Fiber a run for its money. While some may favor Google's broadband service because of its relatively low price (customers pay $70 per month), it is still limited in terms of coverage. As a matter of fact, as of this writing, Google Fiber is only available in Atlanta (Georgia), Austin (Texas), Charlotte (North Carolina), Kansas City (Missouri), Nashville (Tennessee), Provo (Utah), Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina), and Salt Lake City (Utah). This means that if you are based in or around these areas, you are basically covered. But if you are based somewhere else, like Cupertino for example, AT&T's GigaPower is perfect for you.


Furthermore, AT&T is looking to bring the U-Verse GigaPower fiber network to more cities in the US. The carrier's target includes 21 major metropolitan areas, including Austin (where it recently rolled out), Houston and San Antonio in Texas; eight cities within the Triangle region of North Carolina; Kansas City; Atlanta; Chicago; Cleveland, Miami; and San Francisco, Los Angeles, and of course, San Jose in California.


Those who avail of the GigaPower broadband service in the city of Cupertino will be given the option of a 300 mbps package that starts at $80 each month. If you want to bundle the rest of AT&T's U-Verse inclusions, such as Voice and TV service, you will have to pay a little more. To find out if your neighborhood is covered by the carrier's super fast broadband connection, you can head on to AT&T's U-Verse site


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